Circulation. Since the start of the school year, the new traffic jam champion has been … (no, it’s not Paris!)

Since the start of the school year, with a gradual return to normal life and the decline in teleworking, traffic difficulties have taken off again on the roads of French towns.

In its latest issue, the magazine “Auto Plus”, using data from Tom Tom’s GPS for the month of September, wanted to know where the drivers lived who were straining their nerves to join or leave their work.

6:05 p.m. lost in traffic

Verdict? Rennes would be in the lead, ahead of Marseille and Bordeaux. The traffic jam champions would have spent 40:05 in their car to go to work, including 18:05 in traffic jams! Marseille and Bordeaux complete the podium with 17:22 and 16:59 lost. Follow Lyon (4:56 pm), Toulon (4:06 pm), Nantes (3:50 pm) and Paris (3:40 pm), “only” in 7th place. Montpellier (3.30 p.m.), Toulouse (2.18 p.m.) and Nice (2.14 p.m.) are part of this top 10.

Grenoble finished 11th (2:08 p.m.), Strasbourg 12th (1:51 p.m.), Nancy 16th (11:29 a.m.), Saint-Etienne 17th (11:09 a.m.), Avignon 19th (10:50 a.m.) and Dijon came in 20th position (10:17 a.m.).


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