Circular Viminale: checks on 1 meter distance and thermal scanner in companies

The labor inspectors will have to verify the respect of the distance of at least one meter in companies, shops and supermarkets. This is provided by a circular signed by the Interior Ministry that applies the measures provided for in the decree of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The Guardia di Finanza were instead entrusted with the checks on the self-certifications of the companies, in particular those that reopened in derogation of the prohibitions.

The provision signed by the prefect Matteo Piantedosi, head of cabinet of the minister Luciana Lamorgese, underlines that «as regards commercial businesses whose activities are not suspended, the provision reiterates the obligation to ensure, in addition to the interpersonal distance of one meter, that the entrances take place in a deferred manner and that it is prevented from staying inside the premises more than the time necessary to purchase goods, also recommending the application of security measures “. And above all contained in the annex «for cases where access to company premises by employees or delegated third parties is required for carrying out surveillance, conservation and maintenance, payment management as well as cleaning and sanitization activities, as well as for the shipment to third parties of goods stored in the warehouse and the reception of goods and supplies in the warehouse “.

The controls
This is why it is specified that “the prefects will be able to ask for the collaboration of the competent services of the Local Health Authorities and to avail themselves of the support of the territorial divisions of the National Labor Inspectorate, for the purpose of checking how employers implement the organizational and managerial procedures and more generally, on the observance of the precautions dictated for the safety of the workplace and the existence of adequate levels of worker protection “.

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The Guardia di Finanza
The Guardia di Finanza was instead assigned the task, “in line with the functions of the economic and financial police”, to carry out “specific checks and findings – by means of documentary examination, through the databases in use and, where necessary, surveys at company offices – about the truthfulness of the content of the communications produced by the companies, having regard to the inclusion in the authorized categories or the existence of the economic-commercial relationship between the business activities belonging to the various permitted supply chains ».

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