Circle of Life

The Basel artist Joel Schneebeli and Pascal Martinoli at Bad Ragartz 2021 Almost 11 meters high and over 14 tons in weight. The “Circle of Life” by Joel Schneebeli and Pascal Martinoli is celebrating another highlight of its short existence at the 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture. What began in November 2017 as an idea to build the “small”, 160cm “Circle Of Life” by Joel Schneebeli ten times larger, now invites you to discover and experience in the middle of Bad Ragaz. Built from old iron, the walk-in sculpture not only tells its own story, but also carries with it all the stories of the countless built, welded and screwed parts, interwoven in something new and common. Stories of how everything flows sometimes. The ball rolls almost silently around the visitor. Suddenly to bump into something, to lose the momentum, to struggle with cracking and creaking. Until she finds the rhythm again for a new round in the cycle of life. For new stories and for new visitors. The “Circle of Life”, along with around 400 other sculptures by artists from all over the world, can be seen from May 8 to October 31, 2021 at one of the world’s most renowned open-air exhibitions, at Bad Ragartz in Bad Ragaz (SG). Admission is free.

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