Chonburi, Covid is still rising Nearly a thousand infected, 3 more deaths

Chonburi is still infected near a thousand. Found another 926, 3 deaths, still from a cluster of conscripts in Sattahip. and many other clusters

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On September 19, 19, the Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office reported that 926 new cases were found, with a total of 79,526, 13,571 are being treated, 65,393 have recovered, and 3 more have died. The total number of deaths is 562. The cases are still found in all districts. The cluster was found from within the family, workplace, close people, social gatherings. And the cluster of recruits, 2/2564, Sattahip District found 47 more cases, with a cumulative total of 727.

In addition, 24 new clusters were found at the Sergeant Marine Corps, Sattahip District, Sattahip District 4 clusters, total 99 cases. The total number of contacts was 1,093, an initial proactive search of 220, and a new cluster was found. While waiting for more proactive search reports

There is now a cluster outbreak. In 75 establishments and 5 markets, 10 construction worker camps and 4 communities ask for cooperation. Markets are as follows:

1. Traders or employees Do not come in close contact with other vendors or employees, do not eat close by. 2. Do not socialize 3. Sick must stop 4. Clean the bathroom regularly. especially the common touch points After leaving the bathroom, wash your hands every time. Do not use your hands on your face without washing your hands.

5. Wear a mask all the time 6. When there is an infected person in the market If there is a proactive examination Ask everyone to be proactively inspected. 7. When the market is closed. Ask for the cooperation of the touch or is at risk of infection, stop at home. 8. Do not accept foreign workers from risk areas.

establishment part Please cooperate with the following measures
1. No social gathering, no drinking circle 2. Food must not be eaten close by 3. Sick must stop 4. Common touch points Must be cleaned often, such as knobs, handrails, finger scans, signatures and must wash hands immediately. 5. Strict personal hygiene. Wear a mask all the time, wash your hands often, stay apart.

place of accommodation for employees of the establishment Maybe it’s at the dormitory that the establishment provides. or the dormitory that you rent yourself which is where the addresses of employees of many companies are mixed This will be the source of spreading the infection across companies. When the outbreak started in the company Asking for cooperation of company employees strictly in personal measures, staying apart, not crossing over to talk to other rooms not eating together, not socializing


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