Chivas arrives strengthened and América loses undefeated to the National Classic

The flock has four games without defeat and the Eagles fell for the first time in the 2021 Apertura ahead of the Clásico de Clásicos

With the National Classic calling the scene, América and Guadalajara will arrive on the Azteca Stadium field with results contrary to what their walk has been after nine dates in the Guardianes 2021, because the Eagles lost the label as the only undefeated in the contest, while Chivas gave a new breath of oxygen for coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich after beating Pachuca.

The Eagles remain as the leader of the tournament with 20 points, however, they lost distance with respect to their closest pursuer, Toluca, which has the same number of units after beating them 3 to 1 on the Nemesio Diez Stadium field, but one goal less in the differential category.

For its part, Guadalajara clears some doubts regarding its operation, since it adds four duels without defeat in a row -two victories, two draws-, which allow it to sleep as seventh classified with 13 units, however, the problems in attack have not abandoned, as they remain the fourth worst offense in the competition.

Regarding players who will miss the Mexican soccer classic, the Eagles will not have Uruguayan defender Sebastián Cáceres, who saw a double yellow per hand inside the area against Toluca and will have to watch the game from the boxes.

For its part, Guadalajara will not have forward Alexis Vega, who is still recovering from an ankle injury suffered with the Mexican National Team during the duel against Costa Rica, due to a hard tackle on the middle of the field.

The team led by Santiago Solari sold his first setback so far in Apertura 2021, because he finished 17 times, seven on goal, and Toluca on eleven occasions, four on the mark, however, he did not take advantage of an extra man since 56 ‘, as Claudio Baeza saw a double yellow card due to a dangerous game.

Just at 2 ‘, a scarlet corner kick culminated in a header by former azulcrema player Haret Ortega, while the Eagles equalized thanks to Henry Martín four minutes later, as he found a ball inside the area that he finished off with the head.

Before being sent off, Baeza helped with an assist at 38 ‘, after he put the ball over the edge of the small area and found the head of Brian Samudio, who regained the advantage for the locals.

At 61 ‘, once again the stopped ball punished the Eagles, as a free-kick center by Raúl López found Ortega’s head, which, covered with a plastic cap due to a blow, found its way to the visitor’s net .

With a screaming final stretch and preventive and red cards flying through the air, Sebastián Cáceres connected the ball with his left arm inside the area at 84 ‘and was sent off due to accumulation of cards, however, Rubens Sambueza missed the penalty that gave the lead by goal difference to the Devils and the scoreboard did not move any more.

On the green of the Akron Stadium, Guadalajara and Pachuca respected each other much more during the 90 minutes, as the tie remained until the last moments, until Jesús Angulo broke the mold and dared into the area with the regulation time almost extinct.

At 90 ‘, the & # 39; Canelo & # 39; found a triangulation with Cristian Calderón, entered the area and shot crossed to beat the goal Oscar Ustari, to provide certainty within the team facing a duel that may be crucial for the coach of the Flock, who outlined a slight smile at the same time that the red-and-white congregation, who requested his dismissal during the first half, celebrated the goal of tranquility.



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