Chinese zodiac. 12 Chinese Zodiac. Bito beetle ideas

The twelve zodiac animals represent our constant multiplication of the breed indefinitely. Each animal protects and gives each year different meaningful attributes. The theme of the video is the use of simple geometric shapes to depict each zodiac animal. Animating images is not only the creation of a living visual, but also a symbol of the time people fly. People should always wait bravely and welcome the new year with joy. The 12 zodiac signs are the most enduring messengers of time. They are passed on one stick, postponed and turned for thousands of years, lasting, increasing vitality and living indefinitely. The 12 species of animals that symbolize the 12 guardians collect blessings and drive bad luck away. The film uses abstract and simple geometric shapes to connect and connect 12 zodiac signs in concrete. Although the years go by and the changes are constantly flowing, it remains the same that people are always excited and full of hope for the coming year! Bravely greet the new year, everything will go well! Director: Keng-Ming Liu Liu Gengming Animation: Keng-Ming Liu Liu Gengming Music: Wei San Hsu Xu Weishan

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