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Chinese rover Zhurong landed on Mars – Asia

by drbyos

The Chinese Tianwen-1 probe has touched the surface of Mars. The Chinese media reported it.
Tianwen-1, China’s first interplanetary exploration, has “successfully” completed landing procedures by placing the Zhurong rover “safely” on the Utopia Planitia dunes, state media from CCTV to Xinhua reported. After three months of preparations in orbit and about 8 minutes after entering the Martian atmosphere, the probe survived the so-called “seven minutes of terror” or “nine minutes of unknown”, in which it is not possible to receive signals from Earth. live due to the natural delay in communications. The rover touched the surface shortly after 7:00 local time (1:00 in Italy). The success of the operation was confirmed by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the Chinese space agency, according to which the means have maintained, as expected, contacts with Earth.


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