‘Chinese governments should replace foreign PCs with Chinese PCs’ – Computer – News

Joint venture still exists, but especially sensitive or critical sectors. If you have an IP, you will be welcomed with open arms. You get absurd support and subsidies. And all this under a WOFE. There is often positive discrimination against foreigners. Look at the case with Musk and his factory near Shanghai?

You will not be treated equally anywhere, especially if you have experienced it personally. Was kicked out at the Dutch consulate in Shanghai a few years ago, because they thought I wasn’t Dutch. In the meantime I was refused to open a simple bank account, because I had a Dutch nationality. I can count myself lucky because other people, like people from Iran, have it much worse than me.

This is just all propaganda because people who work in that sector all know that some things are out there in China still in the stone age (ASML). If you do need something from abroad, just apply for a license and import with that trade. We do that just as hard in the Netherlands, with equipment from Huawei.

I can almost say out loud that people in the Netherlands live a little too much in their cave, meanwhile people like me, Dutch people abroad, are fighting hard for the Netherlands and a lot sober. Ultimately, it is about your own wallet and not about your standards and values. Just look at gas from Groningen vs gas from Russia, oil from the Middle East, clothing from China but not from Bangladesh (Everything but Arms), Turkey (the drones but freedom we suddenly no longer talk about) etc.

And I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter what your nationality is, in the end it’s about who you are, what you can do and what you do for society, also you come from Russia, Iran, China, US or far away.

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