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[Epoch Times September 16, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xu Yiyang) Short videos have become a kind of drug trafficking tool in China. They are used by drug dealers to pass on the secret signals of drug abuse and drug trafficking. Ordinary people may not be able to see the meaning, but drug addicts can see through it at a glance.

On September 13, the CCP’s mouthpiece CCTV exposed a case in which a short video was used to transmit secret codes for drug abuse and drug trafficking. One evening at the end of 2019, Li Moubao, a man from Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking.

After interrogation, Li Moubao confessed the source of the drugs, and this source surprised the police. On social media platforms, Li Moubao can analyze the uploader may be a drug seller through the short video posted on it. He said that he obtained the other party’s WeChat account through the information on the social media platform, and the other party would suggest that he had drugs.

The online name of the person who sold the drug to Li Mobao is called “Platform Holding Hands.” This person has posted more than a dozen videos and has 28 fans. These videos are mainly based on part of the action of the photographer. Most of them use plates, melon seeds, lighters, etc. as props, and are equipped with fast-paced music. Ordinary people may not see the meaning of these actions, but drug addicts and anti-drug police can take a glance. See through the photographer’s intentions.

According to the police, “Holding on Board” is the way to pass on drug abuse and drug trafficking information through this video codeword; and “Holding on Board” will also request videos with drug purchasers and ask him to take drugs on the spot to prove it. The other party is indeed a drug addict.

Li Moubao told the police that through nearly a week of exchanges, he gained the trust of “holding hands on the board” and purchased drugs through express delivery. Before he was captured, he bought drugs twice from the “hand in hand”, and the drugs were hidden in individually wrapped betel nut packaging bags.

The true identity of “holding hands on the board” was later confirmed: Mr. Tang, from Dongan, Yongzhou, Hunan, 33 years old, had a history of drug abuse.

The police obtained Tang’s express delivery records for the past year from the courier company, and a huge drug-related network emerged. In a year, Tang sent more than two hundred couriers to about 27 provinces and cities in China. The drugs seized were mainly methamphetamine.

Speaking of the Smurfs, people often think of those lively and cute cartoon images in the cartoon “The Smurfs”. However, in China, the Smurfs are also the name of a new type of drug.

On July 21, 2020, more than 17,000 light blue pills were seized by anti-drug police in Meihekou City, Jilin Province. After inspection, these small light blue pills are classified as the “Smurfs” of the third generation of new drugs.

According to the police, the “Smurfs” are colorless and tasteless after being dissolved in wine and water, and are very concealed. The most deadly thing is that when a person drinks it, the human body will have short-term memory loss.

Compared with traditional narcotic drugs such as opium and heroin, which are mainly derived from natural plants, the third-generation new drug generally refers to a variant of the second-generation chemically synthesized drug. Its harmfulness is very similar to that of synthetic drugs, and it can also cause serious damage to the nervous system. damage. This new type of drug will make people feel euphoric when taken in low doses; high doses will have a strong calming effect, making people drowsy, coma, and even death, and the risk of using it in combination with alcohol is even higher.

Another major feature of new drugs is that they are different from traditional injections. They can be mixed in drinks and cigarettes. They are more confusing and difficult to prevent than traditional drugs.

According to the police, the disguise and food of this kind of drug can make it completely hidden in the daily life of the people. It can be put into all kinds of beverages or alcoholic drinks that people drink. Therefore, it is very deceptive. For general consumers, it is difficult to find that it is a drug. @

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