Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Wei Hongtian, and Foreign Minister Joseph, by video link — Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

On September 8, 2021, the Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Wei Hongtian, had a video connection with the Foreign Minister Joseph.

Ambassador Wei first expressed his condolences to Jordan about the recent rebound of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Georgia, the significant increase in the number of confirmed cases, and the increase in deaths. He firmly believes that with the Georgian government comprehensively strengthening epidemic prevention measures, Ge is able to overcome current difficulties and overcome the new wave of epidemics. China stands firmly with the Georgian government and people, and is willing to continue to provide Georgia with assistance within its capacity, including vaccine support. Ambassador Wei informed about the progress of the ongoing housing phase II, track and field maintenance, airport upgrading and renovation projects, as well as the next stage of work considerations, and exchanged views on the coordination and cooperation between China and Georgia on international multilateral occasions.

Yo thanked Ambassador Wei for his concern and condolences to Georgia and said that Georgia and China have close relations. Georgia eagerly expects that the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides will continue to bear fruit, and the relevant departments of Georgia will cooperate closely with China to ensure the orderly development of the project. Georgia adheres to the principles of multilateralism and non-interference in internal affairs, upholds international norms and fairness and justice, and will continue to strengthen consultation and cooperation with China in international affairs on the basis of equality, mutual trust and mutual support.

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