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China’s spacecraft successfully landed on Mars (video)

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China’s spacecraft successfully landed on Mars (video)

CentralAsia (CA) Chinese spacecraft “Tianwen-1” landed on the surface of Mars, informs Xinhua citing the National Space Administration.

“Tianwen-1” consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover. It was launched from Hainan province on July 23, 2020.

The spacecraft entered Mars orbit in February after nearly seven months of travel in space and spent more than two months exploring potential landing sites, the agency reports.

The device began to descend early on Saturday morning and at about 04:00 the capsule, which includes the lander and the rover, separated from the device. She entered the atmosphere of Mars at an altitude of 125 km, Xinhua reports.

The landing was extremely difficult due to the lack of ground control, the ship carried out it autonomously, said Gen Yang, an employee of the Center for the Study of the Moon and Space Programs of the National Space Administration.

He stressed that there was only one chance to complete each phase and any mistake would make landing impossible.


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