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Original title: China Unicom’s recent market promotion exposure includes video CRBT, 5G+ applications, corporate business cards, etc.

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Recently, the operator’s financial network reported on China Unicom’s market promotion content, mainly involving video color ringtones, the first sale of 5G mobile phones for the Olympic commemorative edition, the building of 5G smart hospitals, corporate business cards to help fight the epidemic, and Jilin Unicom’s new breakthroughs in performance.

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Article Summary: As time goes by, the atmosphere of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has become more intense. In order to further stimulate the propaganda vitality of the Winter Olympics and release the creative talents of young people in the new era, Unicom Online Wo Music released a special chapter of the Haina Youth Program – “Ignite Youth to Applaud the Winter Olympics” video CRBT original solicitation contest to solicit the Winter Olympics from the whole network The theme creative short video pays tribute to the Winter Olympics with youthful blood, and also provides a stage for the vast number of talented and excellent short video creators to show themselves and shine.

Thesis:The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a grand event that the world’s ice and snow athletes are eagerly looking forward to, but also a strong proof of the vigorous development of China’s sports industry. On January 15, China Unicom and Samsung successfully held the joint first sale ceremony of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Olympic Commemorative Edition in Beijing, and witnessed the smart Winter Olympics new experience brought to users by 5G technology and terminal upgrades with the guests present.

Abstract: Unicom Digital has built a “5G Smart Hospital” for Hainan Cancer Hospital, which has further improved the digitalization level of Hainan Cancer Hospital. wisdom.

Thesis:Recently, the 2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Transportation Coordinated Development Conference was held to discuss the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intelligent transportation. At the meeting, Dr. Lian Shiguo, chief AI scientist of China Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that the country is vigorously promoting the strategy of “powering the country with transportation”, and the Ministry of Transport has successively issued the “National Highway Video Network Monitoring Work Implementation Plan” and “Highway Video Monitoring Technical Requirements”. “(Draft for Comment) and “Action Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Transportation Sector (2021-2025)” and other guidance documents.

Thesis:The need for epidemic prevention is urgent. China Unicom has opened a green channel for epidemic prevention units to handle “corporate business cards”. It only took more than ten minutes from receiving the demand to completing the response, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the face of national and people’s security, racing against time to provide The epidemic prevention and control has won precious time.

Thesis:On January 18, China Unicom Chongqing Branch (referred to as “Chongqing Unicom”) held a press conference on the digital transformation white paper 2.0 with the theme of “Initiating the New Gathering Potential and Sail to the Future”. The meeting comprehensively reviewed the innovation achievements during the digital transformation white paper 1.0, and based on this new upgrade and released the “Chongqing Unicom Digital Transformation White Paper 2.0”, in-depth demonstration of Chongqing Unicom’s broadband e-commerce, unified account operation, 5Gn rights operation, self-service business hall operation Strategic direction and implementation measures of digital transformation in other fields.

Thesis:Recently, China Unicom has released a new positioning, new strategy, and new main business, which highlights the foundation of a strong network and solid service, so as to improve the basic skills.Facing the new situation of network construction, the reporter learned that Jilin Unicom is based onWith the advantages of 4G and 5G networks, the province’s first all-optical network has been launched, fully opening the FTTR Gigabit era.


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