China Boosts Nuclear Weapons Buildup After US Claims It Will Outgrow Russia’s Arsenal

The Global Times, a Chinese state media outlet, denied that its nuclear arsenal surpasses Russia’s nuclear capabilities in the short term, but advocated continuing to develop weapons to deter a conflict with the United States.

As the main adversary of the United States, China’s build-up of its nuclear arsenal raised concerns among U.S. officials. U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas Bussiere, who oversees the U.S. arsenal, cautioned that the China’s rapid development was no longer aligned with public comments that Beijing’s goal was a minimum of nuclear deterrence and said that in a few years, the nuclear threat posed by China could surpass that of Russia.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times , accused Bussiere of seeking to “sow discord” between Russia and China by implying that Russia should be concerned about China’s nuclear capabilities.Xijin also denied that China was rapidly building up its arsenal to the point that it could outpace Russia’s, and He wrote in the op-ed that it is “incredible” to consider the country capable of doing that for the “foreseeable future. “

In early July, the State Department called China’s nuclear power buildup worrisome. Congressman Mark Turner saw it as a sign that the country was “deploying nuclear weapons to threaten the United States and our allies.” Mike Rogers said he highlights the need for the United States to modernize its nuclear deterrent.

The Pentagon has estimated that China’s nuclear warhead arsenal could double in size, which could take it to more than 400 warheads, at least. Beijing dismissed concerns that China poses a nuclear threat, noting that its arsenal is far behind. below that of the United States and Russia, the two largest nuclear powers.

Along with increasing nuclear capabilities, Bussiere noted that the United States and China do not have a mechanism for nuclear talks or treaties, as the United States has with Russia, although the United States has lobbied China to join an arms treaty. nuclear power plants that it has with Russia, Beijing has rejected the request and said it has no intention of participating in it.

The relationship between China and the US has steadily deteriorated, and Beijing sees most of the US actions as a means to prevent China from moving forward. The same is true for the nuclear weapons issue and Hu said the attempts leading China to treaties and dialogue mechanisms.This is a brief summary.


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