CHIMÈRE – Equestrian Theater Zingaro – Creation 1994 – extracts

A creation of the Zingaro Equestrian Theater Design, direction, scenography: Bartabas TOURNÉE 1994 – 1996 “Chimère” was created in Recklinghausen in May 1994 and presented more than 400 times in France and abroad. 1994: Recklinghausen (Germany) – Vienna – Avignon – Lausanne (Switzerland) – Aubervilliers 1995: Brussels (Belgium) – La Rochelle – Lausanne (Switzerland) – Lyon – Aubervilliers 1996: Toulouse – Montpellier – Nice – Marseille – Antwerp (Belgium) – New York (USA) With: – Bartabas, Manuel Bigarnet, Shantih Breikers, Jean-Pierre Drouet or François Bedel, Arnaud Gillette, Laure Guillaume, Claire Leroy, Brigitte Marty, Pierrick Moreau, Jocelyn Petot, Bernard Quental, Etienne Regnier, Eva Schakmundes, Shantala Shivalingappa or Mahalaksami Ravindran, Max Soulignac – The musicians of Raiasthan Anwar Khan, Barkat Khan, Bundu Khan, Fakir Khan, Ghewar Khan, Habib Khan, Hakam Khan, Kheta Khan, Nagge Khan, Samundar Khan Group leader: Sawaî Singh Rathore – The horses: The Spider, Boris, Diktor, Djin, Dombay, Domino, Felix, Felouz, Goya, Jazz, Latoso, Lautrec, Micha-Figua, Orlof, Quichotte, Raspoutine, Redondo, Ryton Regent, Sol d’oa , Swann, Vinegar, Verano, Xantos, Sherry, Zingaro, Zorba A assistant director: Patricia Lopez Costume design and production: Marie-Laurence Schakmundes with Hélène Dumont, Yannick Laisné Horse costumes: Marie Cabanac, Maïka Fernandez Production: Théâtre Zingaro – Ruhrfestspiele – General Council of Seine Saint-Denis – Festival d’ Avignon with the help of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Aubervilliers with the help of Adami with the support of the Maison des Cultures du Monde with our thanks to Mr. Keshav Kothari, Mr. Komal Kothari as well as our thanks to the UBP. Info: The DVD of the show is available on our online store: Photography © Antoine Poupel


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