Home News “Children died of measles because their parents saw it on YouTube or in a meme”

“Children died of measles because their parents saw it on YouTube or in a meme”

by drbyos

During this week, The Public Health Institute (ISP) approved in Chile the use of the coronavirus vaccine from the Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories, which will be administered to people from the age of 16.

Given this, a series of comments have been generated from people who question the effectiveness of the inoculation process, including Deputy Gonzalo Fuenzalida (RN), who affirmed that “for no reason” he will be vaccinated against COVID-19 because, according to him, “any scientist or even doctor tells you that a vaccine with less than a year of study is not a 100% reliable vaccine, and you have to see the side effects.”

Although the parliamentarian assured that it is not “anti-vaccine”, several people – especially in social networks – have created theories in this regard. In the words of the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, these types of statements only create “uncertainties without scientific evidence.”

In a new chapter of Zero tolerance, journalist Daniel Matamala referred to this issue, indicating that “it is very easy for this type of lies to spread”:

Today anyone who believes anything, from the flat Earth to vaccines being an invention to put a 5G chip in our blood, whoever believes that is enough archytele his belief and he’s going to have a YouTube video with a person who appears in a doctor’s gown and says what he wants to believe, “he added.

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Likewise, the driver of CHV News He called for information through official sources. “There are children in the world who are dying from diseases such as measles or polio, because their parents thought that it was not a good idea to vaccinate them, because they saw a video on YouTube or had received a meme, anything. Those children died because of their parents, that’s the kind of consequences anti-vaccines have, “he added.

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On the other hand, he also targeted politicians such as Deputy Fuenzalida, who have questioned the effectiveness of the inoculation, and He stressed that this process “be understood as an effort by Chilean society, not a government, president or minister.”

“I hope that all political sectors have the responsibility of not doing what the deputy Fuenzalida or deputy Florcita Motuda did, that has also been spreading a series of lies about vaccines and procedures to ‘cure’ the coronavirus, which are totally discouraged by experts, “he said.


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