Chelsea boss: Two clubs resisted Boehly purchase – Portugal club in sight

The new Besitzer-Konsortium des FC Chelsea, the new US-Milliardär champion Todd Boehly (49), is ofenbar alongside Klub scharf. Das berichtet die English Zeitung „London Evening Standard“.

The aim of Boehly and Co. should be the Portuguese first division club Portimonense from the city of Portimão. Allegedly, even star consultant Jorge Mendes (56), who looks after Cristiano Ronaldo (37), among others, is involved in the talks.

Background of the possible deal: The Chelsea owners want to build up a whole network of clubs, writes the “London Evening Standard”. The model is Red Bull, which owns Leipzig and Salzburg, among others, and the City Football Group (no Manchester City, Nova York, Melbourne).

However, it doesn’t seem as if Boehly and Co. are knocking open doors everywhere with their plans. The French second division club FC Sochaux and the traditional Brazilian club FC Santos are said to have rejected offers from the consortium.

The purchase of Portimonense and, if possible, other clubs should give the Londoners better transfer opportunities. Since Brexit, British teams have faced more difficult conditions when signing players from other European countries. The clubs now have to follow a points-based set of rules.

Appearances in the national team, the level of the releasing club, successes in continental competitions and the number of appearances for the club are evaluated. Players who meet the minimum score will be granted the work permit.

The Boehly plan: Players could collect in the other clubs of the network, then quasi as training teams (“farm teams”) funciona, game practice e som also punk Chelsea for a transfer.


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Source: BILD / Reuters / [email protected]

In any case, there should be no financial problems with the club purchase. According to the business magazine “Forbes”, Boehly is one of the 500 richest people in the world with private assets of 5.3 billion dollars. With his consortium, consisting of him, the Clearlake Capital Group, Mark Walter and the Swiss Hansjörg Wyss, the group invested almost five billion euros for the Chelsea takeover.


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