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The weather in Valencia today, second day of Offering of the Fallas 2021.
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After the downpour that fell on Wednesday on Valencia and the metropolitan area in full ‘plant ‘of las Fallas 2021, the Fallas world has been very aware of heaven in search of some tranquility. Nobody wanted an episode like the one we experienced to repeat itself, in which many monuments were damaged by the intense rains that fell in Valencia, so the evolution of the weather in Valencia is followed with anxiety. And for now, the news is excellent.

According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the threat of rain has practically disappeared and, for today, the sun is expected to shine strongly in an almost clear sky, although there will be only a 5% chance that it will rain on the capital of Túria or that the precipitations arrive in the form of storm. Even so, the Aemet estimates that it will not rain or there will be a storm, but that the day will continue as radiant as it was in the early hours of the morning.

The weather in Fallas, today in Valencia

The Weather forecast in Valencia for today heralds a sunny day, despite that slight threat that, in principle, would not even have to materialize.

Today, Saturday, September 4 (second day of Offering)

The day will be characterized by “slightly cloudy” skies, although “intervals of low clouds and morning mists” will be recorded. In the afternoon, the cloudiness will increase, since “daytime cloudiness” is expected. In the capital of Túria, it will be a sunny day with some clouds, although, for the first time in the whole week, the probability that rain may fall will practically disappear. Temperatures will range from a minimum of 21ºC to a maximum of 29ºC.

The weather in Valencia city today: the Aemet’s forecast for these Fallas.

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 5 (Cremà day)

The last day of the Fallas 2021 it will be lived with “cloudy intervals” throughout the day. Regarding the weather in València city for Cremà, the Aemet predicts many clouds in the morning but that they will hardly threaten the party (there will only be a 5% chance that they will leave rainfall), while in the afternoon that cloudiness will disappear so that the sun shines again accompanied, if anything, by some high clouds that in principle will not cloud the weather of the last afternoon of the Fallas.

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