Chartres: the 5th edition of the L’Paille à sons festival brings back the taste of the party to the inhabitants

Has André Gagnon Park become the new musical temple in Chartres? After multiple concerts this summer as part of Chartrestivales, this green lung is once again showing off as an artistic setting for the L’Paille à sons festival. “The spectators love to tread this flowered and wooded park and the artists appreciate this place”, testified on the spot Lambert Dauvillier, in charge of the communication.

The 5th edition included rock, blues, folk and electro. A festival born from a group of friends who attended the Marceau high school in Chartres. The challenge is rather successful with, on average, nearly 1,200 spectators: “This year, the price is free. We took into account the health context. “

Pay what you want at the L’Paille à sons festival, this Saturday in Chartres

Federate other associations

The organization hopes to collect interesting sums to supplement the budget bringing together private partners and subsidies: “We want to increase in quality every year. We had local artists, but also other departments. We are starting to have a network, especially since in our group of friends, we have people who are in the artistic world. »A concert, which costs more than 40,000? €, can accommodate a tonnage of 1,700 spectators. The idea is also to federate other associations: “We are open to collaborations” underlined Lambert Dauvillier.

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The crowd grew from hour to hour, after each performance. The artists go on stage at 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m., 9:30 p.m. and finally 11 p.m. With a final from the headliner: Arnaud Rebotini.

Thierry delaunay



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