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08/30/2022 – 12:00 p.m

Charli Xcx admitted that the success of her last two albums has been “pretty stressful” for her because now she has to “top” it.

The ‘Hot In It’ singer earned a Mercury Prize nomination for 2020’s ‘How I’m Feeling Now’, while this year’s ‘Crash’ LP is her highest-grossing album to date.

‘Crash’ was the artist’s last album to be released through Atlantic Records and now the ‘Used To Know Me’ singer is said to be feeling the pressure to continue on the path she has charted. Charli said of Apple Music 1 in an interview with Zane Lowe: “It’s still a shock to me – and it’s quite stressful because I’m like, ‘Oh crap, what do I do now?’ I feel like the narrative surrounding my work has often been, ‘She’s one step ahead’ or ‘She’s pushing the envelope and no one can ever quite understand her.'” The star added, “To achieve those things, so this feels like something really special and unique and I feel like I’ve achieved it with my fans. But at the same time, what does that mean for me?” On the release of ‘Crash’, Charli previously explained that the music industry is “starting to catch up with them a little bit”.

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