Cerezo: “I would have liked Mbappé to have come to Real Madrid”

That the signing of Kylian Mbappé by Real Madrid would have meant the arrival of a franchise player for LaLiga is recognized by even the main rivals of the white club for the title. “I would have liked Mbappé to have come to Real Madrid because for the Spanish competition it would be fantastic and wonderful,” said the president of Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo. The rojiblanco maximum president, who received one of the prizes of the Vicente del Bosque de Alarpardo Cadet Tournament (Madrid), answered the question at the second, when asked if he felt relieved by the frustrated signing of his eternal rival. The first attempt was dribbled: “The joy for Atlético is that another Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann, has come.”

Photo of de Kylian Mbappe

The return of the footballer was a matter on which the athletic leader expanded. The reception that the fans of the Wanda Metropolitano will pay him is one of the great unknowns of Griezmann’s return. “I think the Metropolitan is going to receive it phenomenally well. There is always some discontent, but that is counted on. I believe that the public will receive it with open arms. And it also comes with a lot of desire. I have met a lot of athletic men and they are all delighted that I am coming back. And to those who disagree, let them know that He is a great reinforcement for the team and, if we want to win titles, we have to bring players like Griezmann“Said Cerezo. On how he saw it in his presentation, the president met a Griezmann” very nice, very nice, with a lot of desire to return, very funny and, above all, with a lot of desire to reconnect with his fans. He was overjoyed, eager to get back into his shorts to hit the field. That is a great message to all the fans.. He has cut his hair because it was long. Also, to score goals, I think the less hair, the better. “

Photo by Griezmann

Cerezo expressed his opinion on the conflict over the transfer of the South American internationals: “FIFA and LaLiga have to reach agreements and make a calendar according to the matches that are played. Many of our players will come today at dawn and on Sunday they will have to play at two in the afternoon against Espanyol. The player must have a time of rest to be able to face a long and complicated season as it is in the Spanish League. I would not say that the competition is adulterated, but it is annoying for the teams that we have to leave those players to go play outside“.

Photo of Falcao

The rojiblanco leader also welcomed Falcao’s return to LaLiga: “It seems fantastic to me. Falcao is a wonderful player as a player and as an excellent person.”

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