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Celine Dion’s family massacres the film “Aline”

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The feature film inspired by the life of the Quebec star was not appreciated by Michel and Claudette Dion. Valérie Lemercier answers them.

Claudette Dion (left) on the set of “La Semaine des 4 Julie” did not appreciate the film and the interpretation of Valérie Lemercier.


“My mother never spoke like that to René, and Céline never wanted for anything. We pass for a gang of Bougon. I’m sorry, but in Charlemagne, we didn’t have a cabin, and the house was always clean. We always say that we have never known misery because mom knew how to do everything and that dad had three jobs, ”said Claudette Dion to host Julie Snyder on Tuesday evening on the set of“ La Semaine des 4 Julie ” .

In the feature film “Aline”, a film inspired by the life of Celine Dion, Claudette Dion did not recognize her language, her family, or her roots. “It wasn’t a big success for me. I was sorry, ”she swayed. She was not tender either about Valérie Lemercier, who plays the diva on the big screen: “She took a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life.”

Michel Dion, the star’s brother, was also present on the show to give his opinion. He was Celine Dion’s stage manager for 30 years and noted several factual errors in the film. “These are details that everyone knows. There have been so many biographies, documentaries and DVDs, ”he lamented. “The Press » so listed some of these inaccuracies: Celine Dion’s gay makeup artist never existed, she never got lost in her own home in Las Vegas, she didn’t pile sachets of sugar in her purse and she did not go through the window of the family house with her wedding dress …

“I don’t want to apologize”

According to the Quebec media, following this interview, Valérie Lemercier canceled her visit to the show “La Semaine des 4 Julie”. She still decided to respond to the criticisms received. “We were so careful,” she said in “The press”. I didn’t want to spoil this family, these characters. We took great care to present them as heroes, which they are to me anyway. I don’t want to apologize for making this film because I like it, this film. ” She concluded by explaining that this is not her biography. “It’s cinema. It’s not a documentary; it is a fiction. It is said at the beginning of the film: there are things which are not true, which are of the order of the imagination of Brigitte Buc and I, who wrote the scenario. “

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