“Celentano? Working with him is useless. Nicola Savino? A wife with a mustache »- Corriere.it

from Renato Franco, sent to Dogliani (Cuneo)

The director of Radio Deejay guest at the Dogliani Festival: “Many artists are too centered on themselves that they are great on stage, but boring in private”

“Being called Pasquale Di Molfetta and getting from Puglia to Milan was not easy, it seemed to me that all the Brambillas were looking at me wrong: we were held up as something exotic“. There is also Linus among the protagonists of the Dogliani TV and New Media Festival. Interviewed by Aldo Cazzullo (immediately self-deprecating: “Think of me with my surname …”), the director of Radio Deejay (“more lasting than Ceausescu», Also Cazzullo) retraces his life, the son of a worker in a sugar factory who found his success in Milan, even working for Celentano: “How was it? Humanly useful, but useless at work: in the end he does what he wants and you feel a little frustrated. But he is a character like very few. When I was one of the authors of 125 million caz..te I asked him why he hadn’t sung my favorite song yet, Love story: he said he couldn’t remember the words, because he has always done few live concerts. He improvised it in his living room. It was wonderful ».

The first private memory? «When I am 3 years old I run out of the driveway, I have the sun setting behind me and I stay surprised by the length of my shadow before me. The first public memory dates back to 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated, it was the entrance into adulthood ». To be an artist he maintains that “the personality of the technique is more important”, among friends there is helium (delle Storie Tese): «He is a real madman, and for me he is a compliment. È doubleface: shy and reserved in private, he hates when they recognize him and stop him on the street; to a lady who asked him if he was famous, replied that it was the famous singer Franco Baglioni. On the stage, on the other hand, he transforms, he’s not afraid of anything: I’ve never seen anyone like him ».

He’s not a reckless guy: «Usually a DJ has a girlfriend in every port, I met my wife in 1987 in Riccione». Great words for Jovanotti: “I think his great strength is his curiosity: Lorenzo reads, listens and talks a lot. Other characters I have met are so centered on themselves that they are great on stage, but boring in private ». They have been working together with Nicola Savino for more than 20 years: “It is now a marriage, he is the wife with a mustache”.

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