Celebrities support Ángela Aguilar after leaked PHOTOS.

Angela Aguilar has been involved in a great controversy after some photographs were leaked in which she is seen very affectionate with Gussy Laucomposer who is part of his father’s work team Pepe Aguilar, relationship that was later confirmed by Lau himself.

Ángela Aguilar EXCLUSIVELY shares her facet as an acrylic nail designer! She also showed off her star model.

He was the composer of Equinox Recordswho confirmed that he has an affair with Angela Aguilar since mid-February 2022. However, this caused great controversy due to the age difference between one and the other, since Gussy is 33 years old, while the daughter of Pepe Aguilar he is 15 years younger.

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How did Pepe Aguilar react to the Ángela Aguilar scandal?

In this regard, different celebrities turned to social networks to show their support for the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, every time Angela Aguilar She said she felt disappointed and vulnerable by the publication of the images with which she did not agree to be released to the public.

The princess of the Mexican regional“He declared through a video that it hurt him to have worked so hard since he was little so that something like this (like the photos) affected him so much, for which several celebrities sent him messages of support.

The interpreter of “Tell me how you want” She asserted that neither she nor her family deserve the situation they are going through after the leak of the images.

Ana BarbaraFriend of the family Aguilarwho sent him a message via Instagram: “I love you and you are a queen with a very beautiful soul, and most importantly, you trust because you are good! And that is the greatest treasure a human being can have!”

Amandititita He also showed his support and assured that he did not know or understand the context of what happened, but he let her know that she is not alone. “I respect you, I admire you a lot, I support you. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure you don’t have to explain anything, just live, and spread that light in a harsh world. And whatever, you are not alone. Here is your pack! We love you,” the singer wrote.

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Did Gussy Lau leak the PHOTOS of Ángela Aguilar? Fans explode.

“Come on beautiful, you are an exemplary woman, you don’t have to explain how you live or how you love, who really is with you is because of your talent and your angel and those people don’t need an explanation and those who ask for it don’t deserve it. Keep shining,” he posted. Jhonny Cazbrother of Eduin Caz.

“The one who loves you will always respect any decision you make. The one who envies you will always find any excuse to point the finger at you. Follow your path of success and do not stop for anyone! Love you”, wrote the conduitr Jomari Goyso.

Up first Majo Aguilar He also sent her a message of support and told her that she shouldn’t be sorry to anyone, much less her family, since she didn’t do anything wrong. “I love you, keep breaking it,” she wrote.


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