Celebration in Santa Barbara for the return of the dog ‘Beethoven’

The mascot ended up in a municipality in El Valle. In Santa Barbara they received him with a party.

A real party was lived on Saturday night in Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, for the arrival of Beethoven, the village dog who had been missing since October 1, and for which there was a search chain in person and on social networks.

Beethoven, a white dog, eight years old and the result of a cross between pitbull and bulldog breeds, is the “flagship” mascot of this Antioquia municipality, so his sudden disappearance set off the alerts and motivated a reward of 500 thousand pesos for information on his whereabouts.

According to the story, Beethoven left town following a migrant couple who were walking to the south of the country. Jaime León López, director of the Amores Callejeros animal protection foundation, appeared in the case and made posters that he disseminated on social networks and posted on posts.

He traveled to La Pintada, Antioquia, where he was told they saw him. In that place, the owner of a restaurant told him that the dog had slept on her platform and had not wanted to eat, and that she was suddenly in the municipality of Supía, Caldas.

Don Jaime, as he is known, traveled to Supía, where he also did not find him and ended up in the city of Manizales, asking for him at the police command. Just there, a patrolman notified him that they had seen the dog in a tractor-trailer in the company of migrants.

With this indication, the Manizales Police sent the message to the department of Valle, where they managed to identify Beethoven at the height of the municipality of Tuluá. The driver of another truck was the one who notified the police when he saw them traveling through the aforementioned municipality.

The support of the Police was joined by the support of several citizens who contacted Don Jaime to help him get to the Valley, they gave him accommodation in the municipality of Geneva, and veterinary care for Beethoven, whose legs were bleeding.

With Beethoven in his hands, Don Jaime told his neighbors in Santa Bárbara that they were worried about the little dog. For your welcome, on the night of Saturday October 9, There was a motorbike caravan waiting for him at the entrance of the municipality, which accompanied him to the main park, where a crowd awaited him amid applause, whistles and music.

Beethoven came loaded into the arms of a man from the Civil Defense and in the main park there was “frolic,” said Don Jaime. Since then, Beethoven has been playing in the streets, as it has always been characterized.

His story

Stories in Santa Barbara say that Beethoven was thrown from a car when he was a puppy. Since then, eight years ago, the little dog passed it through the streets playing with the children. Although he does not have an established resting place, he usually sleeps on the benches in the main park.

He became popular in the town, and a neighbor decided to adopt him on a farm. But Beethoven became depressed and only became the same again when he was brought to the park at large. “It’s like the Alberto Cortez song says, a street man.” He is also loved for being the caretaker of drunkards, says Don Jaime. “He accompanies them all to the house.”

After his return to Santa Bárbara, citizens of Medellín and other parts of the country, have offered to give him a location chip, necklaces and veterinary attention.



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