Celebration: 75 years of Krebshilfe Steiermark: many wonderful encounters and magical moments at the VIP reception

The year 2020 as well as this year 2021 presented the Styrian Cancer Aid with great challenges, as there were major failures in certain areas, such as face-to-face fundraising and fundraising events.
Nonetheless, Christian Scherrer and Birgit Jungwirth from Krebshilfe Steiermark did not let themselves be disturbed and organized a VIP reception with a special program for the 75th anniversary of Krebshilfe Steiermark in the Grazer Bakerhouse Gallery.

Christoph Schell, Tom Lohner and Klaus Billinger have been responsible for these galleries for two years in Herrgottwiesgasse 125 – 8010 Graz. So they insisted on making these rooms available to Krebshilfe Styria for the extraordinary anniversary event free of charge.

Moderator Uli Gletter opened the evening with a very thoughtful statement “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing” Who could value the importance of this wisdom more than the 16 people in Styria who are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer every day. And the thousands of people who have struggled for years, months, weeks, days and hours with the emotional and physical consequences of this diagnosis. Uli Glettler also worked for the cause for 75 years with Krebshilfe Steiermark. In 1946, in a year when people had other concerns than donating, the Styrian Cancer Aid was founded. The persistence of those responsible over generations can be attributed to the fact that this has grown into an energy field that offers those affected and their families support and medical help, but also gives hope and confidence. And completely free of charge. A difficult situation to find the financial means again and again, after all, advice, support and therapies are 99% financed by donations. In any case, not easy for the whole team – above all – for Birgit Jungwirth responsible for company fundraising & cooperation, PR & public relations, as well as GF Christian Scherrer, the people in the country, but also companies, institutions and politics to help motivate the Styrian Cancer Aid can help again.

“Out of love. To live.

The request to help should not go unheeded on this special anniversary evening. Everyone is ready to pay their fee, including the owners of the Bakerhouse Gallery.
The greeting took place in a very humorous double conference by the President of the Cancer Aid Styria-Univ. Prof. Dr. Florentina Peintinger and Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ranner – Head of CT / MR Center Graz -Geidorf, Vice-President of the Styrian Cancer Aid. In a small panel, both gave a brief overview of what has happened in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the past 75 years, and Christian Scherer, who has been managing director of Krebshilfe Styria for almost 30 years, gave an overview of what was going on has changed decisively during this time and what has not.
A short video on the subject of prostate prevention by Ö3 Mikromann Tom Walek caused a few laughs. Cabaret artist Oliver Hochkofler brought congratulations from prominent friends (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franck Stronach, Herbert Prohaska) of the Styrian Cancer Aid in a short cabaret interlude.
It wouldn’t be Birgit Jungwirth if she hadn’t conjured up another great idea: she was able to win over Stefan Potzinger and the Organization Wein Steiermark to provide the Kre3bshilfe Steiermark with exquisite wine specialties. In a wine auction, WEIN STEIERMARK and the Styrian winemakers support the Styrian Cancer Aid in their tireless efforts with an exclusive wine auction. Numerous Styrian winegrowers from Tement, Sabathi, Groß to Polz, Stohmaier Weine and the Potzinger winery will provide very exclusive rarities and specialties from their range from 15.09.2021 to 03.10.2021, some of which are no longer available today. Not only exciting for all wine lovers – but also a must !. It is important that there is a lot of advertising because this is about a good cause, says Stefan Potzinger Managing Director of WEIN STEIERMARK. The entire proceeds of the wine auction will go to Krebshilfe Steiermark and thus families affected by cancer in Styria, says Birgit Jungwirth- Company Fundraising & Cooperations, PR & Public Relations Krebshilfe Steiermark As part of the VIP reception, three doubles were auctioned that evening Bring in magnum bottle over € 2,000 for the Styrian Cancer Aid.
When Birgit Jungwirth and Christian Scherer call, they’ll all come too – they were all seen among others: City Councilor and KPÖ Club Chairwoman Elke Kahr, City Councilor Robert Kotzeck, Labg, and ÖVP Club Chairwoman Barbara Riener, Club Chairwoman of the Green Labg. Sandra Krautwaschl, Labg, Niko Swatek — NEOS ÖVP Graz Klubobfrau GR. Daniela Gmeinbauer, SPÖ Graz club chairman GR. Michi Ehmann SPÖ Graz managing director Patrick Trabi, club chairman of the Greens Graz u GR. Karl Dreisiebner, Soroptimist Club President Konsulin Edith Hornig, Gerald Doleschall CEO Peterquelle, Kleine Zeitung Landespolitik editor Mag. Claus Albertani, Fazit Magazin CEO Horst Futterer, Mag Andreas Spreitzer owner and CEO of the advertising agency Spreitzer & Friends, ORF Landesstudio Steiermark radio boss Sigrid Hroch, Mag. Andreas Schwarz, MBA managing director of Sanlass Holding, Rudi and Riggi Hinterleitner, artist Sabine Schilcher Asen, Linda Oswald, director of BG Rein and many others.

A huge “thank you!”

to: Tom Lohner, Klaus Billinger and Christof Schell for the invitation to the Bakerhouse Gallery • Ulli Glettler for the moderation of the evening • Oliver Hochkofler and Imo Trojan for the cabaret highlight of the evening • Stefan Potzinger and Steirischer Wein as well as Weingut Klug, Weingut Lackner Tinnacher and Weingut Potzinger for the design of the wine auction • State of Styria, Jägermeister and Weingut MUSTER Gamlitz for drinks • all Graz municipal council clubs for the joint donation of the Flying Dinner • Toni Legenstein catering, DJane Mama Feelgood for music • Photographer Werner Krug • ÖWd Österreichischer Wachdienst Security GmbH & Co KG and Wolfgang Schäfer / Markenwächter for technical support • Flower Point, Blumen Gran and Stoffland Graz for decoration and furnishings.
Summary: wonderful moments and the best entertainment which made for unforgettable hours under the sign of the Styrian Cancer Aid.


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