celebrating 50 years of BMW M

BMW M was born as a project of car fanatics who wanted to prepare a car to compete and have fun. What they did not know is that their passion would lead them to lay the foundations of one of the most iconic and respected high-performance branches in history, BMW Motorsport. A 50 years of its foundation and dozens of historical models, the Bavarians celebrate half a century of life of BMW M with the BMW 3.0 CSL 2023.

A tribute to its history and also to the mythical 3.0 CSL from 1972

El 3.0 CSL 1972 It was born as a homologation model for European passenger cars, and in fact thanks to that car, BMW began to dominate on the tracks, so the tribute to it is more than justified. For the 2023 model, the brand used as a base a M4 CSLalthough it is more than obvious that they have transformed it visually and mechanically.

Bmw 3 0 csl 2023 1600 06

Let’s start with power figures and it is that in this 3.0 CSL they have just placed the most powerful inline 6-cylinder engine that a BMW M has ever carried as standard. It is the same turbo engine as the M3 and M4, but taken up to the 560 hp and 405 lb-ft of par. This model will only have 6-speed manual transmission that will take power exclusively to the rear axle.

Bmw 3 0 csl 2023 1600 04

Count with one sport differential lockable up to 100%. It will have adaptive suspension tuned by BMW M, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes as standard.

Bmw 3 0 csl 2023 1600 07

The initials CSL mean: Coupé, Sport Leichtbau, the last word meaning: light. Precisely for this reason the 3.0 CSL undergoes extensive treatment that allows it to lower to the 1,624 kg111 kg less than an M4 Competition.

The brand did not reveal its performance figures, but seeing the increase in power and weight loss it is more than obvious that it will be faster than the M4 on which it is based.

Bodywork with lots of carbon fiber

Bmw 3 0 Csl 2023 1600 0c

One of the most striking points is the enormous amount of carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic that was used for the bodywork.

Bmw 3 0 Csl 2023 1600 0e

Mainly for the widebody kit, spoilers and other aerodynamic elements. Clearly the design was inspired by the 70’s 3.0 CSL. Even the laser headlights have yellow light like on the original model. Its wheels are 20″ in front and 21″ In the back.

Bmw 3 0 csl 2023 1600 14

Inside it is very similar to an M4 CSL, although with a retro-style gear lever knob, carbon fiber structure seats, less sound insulation for less weight and an engraving on the dashboard that indicates which unit is the one. what we have.

Bmw 3 0 csl 2023 1600 10

BMW confirmed that only 50 3.0 CSL 2023 will be built. What they also did not announce was its price, but given its rarity, changes and what it represents it will be far from the label of an M4 CSL.


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