Caution advised: rules of conduct on the Main

Since more and more people visit the Main in their free time on hot days to swim or do a lap with the stand-up paddle, the Würzburg water protection police are now pointing out some rules of conduct. Because caution is also required. For Swimmers, dinghy drivers and people dealing with various objects go into the floods, the following applies:

  • Banned himself for a long time 100 Meter above and below weirs/locks including locks, power plants, harbor entrances and bridges
  • The same applies to 50 Meter above and below ship berths, parallel ports, landing stages
  • Behave in such a way that a moving vehicle (ship, boat, etc.) does not change course or have to slow down

Rules of conduct on the Main – risk of injury from waves

  • ban closer than 300 meters in front and 30 meters to the side to swim or swim past passing vehicles to swim up (Here, in the case of large goods motor ships and passenger cabin ships, the visual shadow, suction and wave action must be taken into account)
  • at for Water-skiing or PWC designated routes no more than 10 meters from the shore swim or bathe away (it should also be noted within such stretches that suction and wave impact and thus the risk of injury on the bank; therefore it is better to completely avoid swimming or bathing in such areas)

For Rower/SUP gilt:

  • Basically for your own safety close to the shore as possible drive along (also note the suction and wave action of commercial shipping); watch out for fishermen on the shore
  • zigzag course especially when there is a lot of traffic avoid
  • Note: blind spot can be up to 250 m in commercial shipping
  • driving at night; Note: lighting according to inland waterway regulations
  • alcohol limit is included as in road traffic 0,5; in the event of a conspicuous driving style or danger, even from 0.3 per mille.
  • himself about the traffic rules and familiarize yourself with navigation signs

For vehicle with motor drive applies: (also important are motorized vehicles that do not require a permit up to 11.03 kW or 15 hp):

  • alcohol limit like on the road
  • From 3 hp, the vehicle requires a Small Vehicle License Plate and associated ID card
  • himself over traffic rules and navigation signs and observe them

Rules of conduct on Main – mutual respect most important

rules of conduct at shore area:

  • The shore area falls under the area of ​​”company premises of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration”. This is the area from the shore to the nearest gravel/bike path.
  • In this area it is forbidden to park his vehicle or to turn off; The reason for this is the possible damage to the substrate

In general, with so many different options for using the Main federal waterway, the most important rule is this mutual respect for each other. Failure to comply will result in fines and warnings.


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