Caruso and Cernoia with Chelsea views

Juventus Women hosts Napoli on the sixth day of women’s Serie A: summary, slow motion, result, match report, live news

(sent to Campo Ale & Ricky in Vinovo) – The Juventus Women at Joe Montemurro gets rid of the Naples with goals from Caruso e Cernoia

Juventus Women Napoli 2-0: summary and slow motion

1 ′ Gol Caruso – A few seconds and Juve is already ahead. Cross from the left by Cernoia for the insertion of the head of Caruso who beats Aguirre Gutierrez

5 ′ Goal Cernoia – Winning tap-in after Staskova’s turn not held back by Aguirre Gutierrez

10 ‘Bonfantini shot – Dry dribble in the area and shot with the left center. Block Aguirre Gutierrez

19′ Shot Chatznikolaou​ – Try to surprise Aprile out of the posts, the ball coming out of a couple of meters

23 ‘Bonfantini lob – Accurate verticalization of Caruso for the number 22 who tries the lob. Stand up and block Aguirre Gutierrez

24 ′ Clash in the area between Colombo and April – Napoli asks for the penalty. Empty exit of the goalkeeper and then impact with the opponent. The two players are left bruised on the ground

28 ‘Bonfantini opportunity – Cut awarded by Caruso but once again it is Aguirre Gutierrez who says no

42 ′ April anticipates Acuti – Well placed on the edge, it avoids trouble for the Juventus Women defense

44 ‘Bonfantini shot – He tries it from afar, only outside the network

61 ′ Hurtig puts in the middle – The Swede runs to the left and looks for the tip in the middle. Aguirre Gutierrez closes

63 ′ Shot Jaimes – He sees April out of goal and kicks. Ball not far from the goal

69 ′ Naples protests – For a contact in the area between Pedersen and Goldoni. He lets the referee run and then warns Pistolesi for protests

76′ Staskova Shot – Turn of first intention a little high on the crossbar

83 ′ Shot Jaimes – Swerve and right to the limit, just out

85 ′ Staskova opportunity – Once again it is Aguirre Gutierrez who closes the mirror at the exit

87 ′ Shot Cernoia – Break and left-handed from fuorti, neutralized in two halves by the goalkeeper

Best of the match Juventus Women: Cernoia REPORT CARDS

Juventus Women Napoli 2-0: result and match report

Networks: 1 ′ Caruso, 5 ′ Cernoia

Juventus Women (4-3-3): April; Hyyrynen, Lenzini, Salvai (46 ′ Gama), Nilden (78 ′ Lundorf); Zamanian (46 ′ Boattin), Pedersen, Caruso (64 ′ Rosucci); Bonfantini (46 ′ Hurtig), Staskova, Cernoia. All. Montemurro. Available. Peyraud-Magnin, Giai, Beccari, Pfattner

Naples (3-5-2): Aguirre; Erzen, Garnier, Di Marino, Corrado 5 (29 ‘pt Acuti), Abrahamsson; Goldoni, Gonzalez (46 ‘Kuenrath), Colombo (46’ Popadinova); Chatznikolau, Jaimes. All. Pistolesi. Available. Chiavaro, Toniolo, Capitanelli, Severini, Imprezzabile, Porcarelli

Referee: Arace of Lugo di Romagna

Admonished: 69 ′ Pistolesi for protests


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