Carsten Stahl curses Annalena Baerbock – YouTuber picks apart the “embarrassing announcement”

Carsten Stahl curses Annalena Baerbock – YouTuber picks apart the “embarrassing announcement”
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Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Carsten Stahl feels obliged to speak harsh words to the government. YouTuber “Staiy” disagrees.

Berlin – The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is keeping people around the world in suspense. Deliveries of arms cause fear among bystanders, so Carsten Stahl – amateur actor and former parliamentary candidate of the Free Voters Berlin – in a YouTube-Announcement asking for “authorization” for these decisions. The political YouTuber and TwitchStreamer Staiy takes apart Carsten Stahl’s “embarrassing” statement.

Carsten Stahl’s “embarrassing announcement” against the federal government – Staiy considers him a “slob”

What happened? The fact that some influencers and celebrities want to change something with their reach in times of crisis has no longer been a secret since the Corona pandemic at the latest. Carsten Stahl became famous for his controversial measures to prevent violence and also tried his hand at politics in 2021. As a candidate for the Free Voters Berlin, however, he resigned from his party when it voted for compulsory vaccination.

In a video on YouTube, Stahl captioned “I didn’t want to comment on that, but who authorized you?“ and directs harsh words at the federal government – ​​especially at Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock. “You decide without asking us‘: Concern is written all over the face of the former amateur actor as he campaigns for referendums and more participation in difficult decisions such as arms deliveries.

Carsten Stahl complains about the state – YouTuber dissects his “embarrassing announcement” © YouTube: Carsten Stahl (montage)

YouTuber und Twitch-Streamer Staiy often reacts to content on political issues on his channels, so Carsten Stahl’s announcement is no exception in his content. Due to a large leak on Twitch it is known that the German top 20 streamers with the highest income heard.

Relatively quickly, Staiy thinks he knows what he is dealing with with the man in the video: “The crooks held out. I didn’t know that Carsten Stahl was a slob“. The political YouTuber calls his reaction “Carsten Stahl’s embarrassing announcement to our government“.

Staiy takes apart Carsten Stahl’s “embarrassing announcement” – “Don’t worry”

Staiy says: Even if Stahl repeatedly emphasizes how ignored he feels by politics and the responsible actors, Staiy explains the reason for this: “Since Ms. Baerbock is an elected representative of the people – even if he may not have elected her – this is perfectly legitimate within the framework of parliamentary politics“. We have included Staiy’s reaction at this point.

The YouTuber is also trying to alleviate the growing fear of nuclear war. Russian propaganda has been threatening the use of nuclear weapons since the beginning of the conflict – and even if it came to that, it would probably be over for Carsten Stahl too.

“There are no bunkers and no hiding places to protect anyone from the consequences of a global nuclear war that would break out. The number of guns going off then… Brother, don’t worry.”

Staiy can understand that Carsten Stahl and many other people are afraid and want to change something. But he doesn’t believe in people behaving like experts. Decisions about arms deliveries are only small parts in a large decision-making construct of democracy. Staiy raged against Twitch and threatened to switch to YouTubeas adjustments will be made to his salary.

It’s very strange to see something and say, ‘I have no control over it’‘ concludes Staiy in his video on YouTube, showing that he understands Stahl’s emotional reaction. But he wishes thescumbag”that he from his “Loch‘ come out and a ‘Get well soon“.


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