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After several months of ranking at the top of the audience ratings, the second season of ‘The Queen of Flow’ seems to be coming to an end.

The telenovela, which tells the story of the singer ‘Yeimy Montoya’, has captured the interest of thousands of Colombians, among other things, for the outstanding performances of its great protagonists.

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Precisely, Carolina Ramirez, the one in charge of giving life to the main character, has been one of the most outstanding ingredients of this Colombian production, according to viewers.

A few hours after he is seen for the last time struggling between the dilemmas of music and love, we remember several of his great performances on the ‘small screen’.

Of course, she is a ‘chameleon’ actress.

‘The Pola’

‘La Pola’ is one of the most important historical novels on national television.

The story of the renowned heroine of the Independence of Colombia fell on the shoulders of Carolina Ramírez at the end of 2010.

And, as it was verified during the more than 100 chapters of the series produced by ‘RCN Televisión’, the challenge did not weigh on him.

Involved in situations based on real life, and the occasional fictional scene, Carolina managed to turn a character from two centuries ago into a temporary success.

Although his interpretations of the political and revolutionary scuffles of ‘La Pola’ were acclaimed, his performance stood out with the passionate infatuation that the character lived with the Spanish soldier ‘Alejo Sabaraín’, played by the also Iberian Emmanuel esparza, participant of the current edition of ‘MasterChef’.

Not for nothing, Ramírez was nominated at the 2011 India Catalina Awards in the category of Best Leading Actress of soap opera.

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‘The daughter of the mariachi’

At just 23 years old, Carolina Ramírez assumed her first leading role as a singer in a television production.

Acting as ‘Rosario’, a very distinguished young mariachi on the stage of the bars, she captured the Colombians with her caring character.

Colombian soap operas

The prime time baton of ‘RCN Televisión’ was dominated between 2006 and 2008 by the successful telenovela ‘La hija del mariachi’.

‘El Lucero de México’, as presented by her companions in the novel, was the role that definitely launched her to stardom since, since then, she has not stopped appearing on Colombian televisions.

Despite going off the air in 2008, ‘The daughter of the mariachi’, paraphrasing Vicente Fernández, is still ‘the queen’, since it has been reissued on ‘RCN’ on several occasions.

‘Jenny Candela’ in ‘Seventh Gate’

Seventh Gate

Hundreds of fans have asked on social networks for ‘Seventh Door’ to be released.

Years go by and the memory of the paranormal investigator ‘Jenny Candela’ continues to be more present than ever.

On ‘Seventh gate: inexplicable stories’, a series produced by ‘Canal Caracol’, Carolina Ramírez gave life to that shrewd reporter of amazing and terrifying events.

Accompanied by the actor Jorge López, who played ‘Tomás Cabal’, her great partner in the plot, she made Colombians throb with the astonishing paranormal ‘false reports’ that the production presented.

262 chapters in about a year they are the queen proof of the success of that television mystery ‘experiment’ in Colombia.

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The second season of ‘El Capo’, the television series that toured the twists and turns of ‘Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo’, a fictional drug trafficker, would not have been as successful without the participation of the young ‘Mariale’, played by Carolina Ramírez.

Carolina Ramírez 'Mariale' in El Capo.

‘El Capo’ has been an undisputed success in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Playing the sister of ‘Burro’, one of the most faithful bishops of ‘León Jaramillo’, the Cali actress managed to captivate the memorable capo with her sweetness.

Then, being the prey of an intense infatuation, he participated in all that series of crimes that the mobster led.

In short, an essential participation in a great story of crime and punishment.

‘Mariana Solano’

Mariana Solano - Carolina Ramírez

‘The Traps of Love’ premiered in 2009.

Just months before embarking on the history of ‘La Pola’, Carolina Ramírez was already on the air with a leading role in the telenovela ‘The traps of love’, also from ‘Canal RCN’.

On that occasion, she played ‘Mariana Solano’, a lawyer who is initially ‘planted’ at the altar in quite strange circumstances.

Then, with the passing of 86 chapters, her former fiancé reappears on the scene and condemns her to a dilemma in which love and work become the only options.

Without a doubt, an unforgettable Colombian television drama.

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‘Andrea Laverde’ in ‘Against time’

His experience in stories of mystery, crime and love shone in the series of ‘Against time’ which produced ‘FOX Telecolombia’ in 2016.

In this plot, Carolina, in the role of ‘Andrea Laverde’, immerses herself in the search for the reasons behind the death of ‘Daniel Uribe’ (Sebastian Martinez), her boyfriend in the novel.

The Traps of Love - C. Ramírez

‘Against time’ was televised through ‘RCN’.

During that complicated mission, he ends up falling in love with ‘Leonardo Pérez’, played by Diego cadavid, and uncovering a terrible scandal involving his former partner related to organ trafficking.

Outside of Colombia, especially in Caribbean countries, this innovative series was renamed ‘Give me life’. Even so, Carolina is still ‘Andrea Laverde’ in the plot.

Bonus track: in the cinema For ‘Herlinda’: ‘Dreaming doesn’t cost anything’

The commitment to the social reality of the country, which Carolina Ramírez has shown in recent months through her social networks, perhaps was strengthened with her unforgettable performance as ‘Herlinda’ in the movie ‘Dreaming does not cost anything’.

Dreaming costs nothing

The Colombian film ‘Dreaming does not cost anything’ was based on real events. It was directed by Rodrigo Triana and featured, among others, the performance of Verónica Orozco.

In that production, directed by Rodrigo Triana, he was in charge of portraying the woman who participated in the recreation of the indelible story of the Colombian army soldiers who found a cove and, with the passage of heated discussions, ended up dividing a few.

The success of that film was consecrated with the nomination for the best foreign film in Spanish-speaking of the Goya Awards in 2007.

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A sister of the ‘Wandering Girl’

His last appearance on the small screen occurred less than two years ago when he participated as ‘Angela’, one of the protagonists of the controversial Colombian film ‘Niña Errante’.

Nina errante colombian movie online

The Colombian film ‘Errant Girl’ is available on EL TIEMPO Play.

In the story that deals with the lives of four orphan sisters who, according to the review of its filmmakers, explore the “femininity, sensuality, the mysteries of pleasure and pain, the body, misfortune and the challenge of being a woman on these roads”, Ramírez is one of the older sisters of the pre-adolescent protagonist.

For that role, she was recognized as the Best Supporting Actress at the Malaga Festival in 2019, in Spain.

In turn, the production was awarded as best film in 2018 during the ‘Tallinn Black Nights’ film festival in Estonia.

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