Carolina Cruz (Caracol) responds if she ended up with Lincoln Palomeque

The followers of the businesswoman and Lincoln Palomeque have speculated about their relationship, after the couple will stop posting photos of the two in their respective social networks.

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Nevertheless, the actor has been seen away from his partner and his children for work reasons, Well, not only was he in the ‘remake’ of ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’, but also returned to the world of modeling.

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The presenter, who a radical change of ‘look’ was made, has even said that there are seasons in which he stops seeing Palomeque for up to 15 dayss, something that it has been very difficult for her, because she has also had to take care of the therapies that her baby Salvador needed.

¿Carolina Cruz ended up with Lincoln Palomeque?

In the middle of an interaction with her followers, through Instagram, the businesswoman was asked if she had ended her relationship.

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She recorded a ‘boomerang’ to answer a resounding ‘No’, through a signal with his finger, as shown below, making it clear that he is still with the actor.

The model, who now seeks to gain muscle mass because it lost a lot, he also had no problem saying how old is he (42) and talk about Salvador.



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