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The coach of Rosario Central Carlos Tevez, who at the time filed an injunction to avoid paying the wealth tax that in his case reached 42 million pesos, heads a list of famous Argentines who receive subsidies in the electricity rate. This was revealed by Jorge Rial in his program “Argenzuela” that is broadcast by C5N.

The payroll that is headed by the Apache also has, according to this version, other rich people such as Carlos Fernando Rosenkrantz, judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Francisco Macri, son of Mauricio, among other personalities such as soccer players, tennis players , actresses, media entrepreneurs and politicians.

Hours after the rate segmentation was known, a list was leaked where many rich people appear who say ‘with yours’ and had the subsidies. This is the complete complete list broadcast by the aforementioned channel.

The detail of the subsidized rich list

Carlos Tevez: $2,933,000

Blaquier family: $1,600,000.

Ernestina Laura Herrera de Noble (deceased): $1,385,000

Julio Comparada (former president of Independiente): $233,747

Araceli Gonzalez: $335,124

Hilda “Chiche” González: $474,008

David Nalbandian: $74.369

Carlos Fernando Rosenkrantz: $48,256

Mario Pergolini: $ 188,448.

Eduardo Constantine: $289,743

Fabian Cubero: $25,467

Francisco Macri, son of Mauricio Macri: $60,830

Daniel Funes from Rioja: $257,000.

Cristian “El Lobo” Ledesma (former player): $216,918

Amadeo Francisco Juncadella: $756,068

Jorge Luis Magnasco (repressor): $123,425

Juan Carlos and Sebastián Bagó, the owners of Bagó laboratories: $1,000,000.

Alberto Roemmers, late owner of Roemmers Laboratories: $203,026.

Marcelo Rubén Figueiras, of Richmond laboratories: $203,842.


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