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Carbohydrates | eliminating them from the diet is bad

by drbyos

Carbohydrates should never be eliminated in any type of diet, not even in those that claim to have none. Otherwise you risk your health.

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This is already known to many, but it is always better to reiterate it: in any diet, even in those poor of the same, one cannot do without carbohydrates. Our body needs it to get the right daily energy needs.

The tables relating to the Reference Intake Levels of Nutrients have for some time now indicated between 45 and 60% the daily amount of calories to be consumed. Then the wholemeal ones do not always have to be absorbed, as the fibers can stop the assimilation of mineral salts.

By removing carbohydrates from a diet you will lose weight, but only at the beginning, and it will be liquids. In addition, you may experience a noticeable drop in energy, as well as insomnia, weakness and more. The risk of being exposed to diabetes and heart disease is also likely to rise.

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Carbohydrates, you must never do without them

I carbohydrates so it takes, every day, because they keep cholesterol down. Obviously we must not exaggerate, and it is not that you are justified in eating pizza every day and abundant pasta dishes all the time.

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The right amount is 80 g of pasta or rice (one serving), about 450 of fruit (3 servings), 400 g of vegetables (2 servings), 100 g of bread (two slices), 35 g of rusks (4 slices), 50 g of dried legumes (one serving), 250 g of milk or yogurt (two jars) and 30 g of jam (3 tsp).

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Even diets without carbohydrates in reality they indicate within them a minimum quantity. In any case, the same should never be extended for more than 4-5 days.

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