Car sales and the health insurance premium in 2022 – what changes?

In accordance with the provisions contained in the so-called Polish Lada at the beginning of 2022, new provisions will come into force, according to which it will be different car sales, and the health contribution in 2022. will be addicted to it – as with any other financial transaction. This means that vehicle trade – oh so far treated as operating income subject to additional tax burdens. Thus, every citizen planning to sell a car must take into account the need to pay fees that were not applicable in previous years.

This issue should be of particular interest to both private individuals and entrepreneurs. Anyone who earns income from the sale of cars will have to pay a health insurance premium. The legislator combined these two elements, which forces the fulfillment of further requirements. However, you need to know what this procedure looks like in the case of individual forms of tax settlements. Car sales a health care contribution what do the introduced regulations say?

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Car sales and the health insurance premium in 2022 – a procedure in various forms of settlements

Changes introduced by Polish Order, which relate to car sales and health insurance, include the following forms of taxation:

  • flat tax;
  • lump sum taxation;
  • tax scale.

In each of the above-mentioned cases, the rules for calculating the premium for compulsory health insurance are slightly different. Before proceeding with the sale of a vehicle to a client or contractor, it is necessary to know the details contained in the legal provisions.

Car sales and health insurance premium in 2022 – flat tax

Car sale by persons who pay flat tax, it is treated as income from activity. As a result, the purchase of any car through a leasing contract is associated with the need to pay an additional fee. The costs must then include the price of the subject of the transaction, while the basis for the health insurance contribution is income. This increases with the difference between the purchase and transfer amounts of the means of transport.

Car sales and the health insurance premium in 2022 – a flat rate

People running their business according to the lump sum rules have to pay 3 percent. tax on total income. At the beginning of 2022, the amount of the health insurance contribution is influenced by income and the costs of obtaining it, and therefore some taxpayers will exceed the limit of fees for the National Health Fund faster. The increase in the value of a given car increases the income, and therefore also the premium allocated to state medical care.

Car sales and the health insurance premium in 2022 – tax scale

As in previous cases car sale by citizens accounting for the tax scale, it is also treated as income from business activity and is subject to health insurance. The basis for calculations here is income proportional to income, so in fact the value of the second factor determines the level health contributions in 2022.

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Car sales and the health insurance premium in 2022 – where are the changes coming from?

Originators Polish Deal by design they want more money in the taxpayers’ pockets. It is known, however, that this approach carries costs that must be covered by wealthier citizens or entrepreneurs. One of the areas of searching for budget revenues was considered car sales, and the health insurance premium in 2022. it will act as a fiscal burden guaranteeing that budget holes will be patched.


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