Car overturns: Man (77) dies at the scene of the accident

Fatal accident on the A45 near Neuberg in southeast Hesse: a car overturned, any help came too late for a 77-year-old man.

Offenbach am Main – Deadly accident on the A45 near Neuberg in Southeast Hesse: A car overturned, any help came too late for a 77 year old man.

Fatal accident on the A45: A BMW X1 got into the guardrail and overturned. ©

According to initial information from the police in Offenbach am Main, the crash occurred on Thursday around 9:10 a.m. on the A45 in the direction of Gießen.

Accordingly, a car at the level of the parking lot “Pfingstweide” initially got into the guardrail and then overturned. Photos from the scene of the accident show that the car was badly damaged in the process.

As a result, the lane was completely closed. A rescue helicopter was called and landed on the highway, as can also be seen in the photos.

Limbach-Oberfrohna mourns OB Vogel
Limbach-Oberfrohna mourns OB Vogel

But the emergency services could no longer help the fatally injured driver.

The 77-year-old died on the highway, as the police announced in another message.

The investigators suspect that a medical emergency could have led to the crash. A consulted expert should now clarify the exact course of the accident.

The police are also looking for witnesses to the accident. In particular, the officials asked who noticed the 77-year-old’s BMW X1 on the A45 and who could provide information about the man’s driving style.

The police take information on the telephone number 06183911550 opposite.


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