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Car Collector’s Trial: From Stranger To Teenage Confidant

by drbyos

It was as a simple client that the complainant’s mother came to the business of the businessman and automobile collector in Thetford Mines to buy flooring. She came out with a confidant and a life coach for her daughter.

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On the second day of Roger Demers’ trial in Thetford Mines, the mother of the alleged 17-year-old victim came to explain how her family had been put in contact with the accused. The owner of Tapis Demers is accused of sexual assault and touching his victim in 2017 during entrepreneurial coaching sessions.


In September 2017, the parents of the victim came to Carpets Demers for the construction of a residence. During a four-hour meeting with Roger Demers where there is little question of flooring, the accused instantly becomes a “confidant”, touching the mother while speaking to her and even placing his hand “on the heart” of the mother. -this.

“He has a knack for making you feel confident,” said the lady whose name cannot be named to protect the identity of the complainant. “I unpacked my bag, I confided in myself,” testified the mother saying that she had said that she had difficulties with her teenage daughter who was living in CEGEP when she had always expressed the desire to be an entrepreneur.


It was at this point that the accused proposed to the complainant’s mother that they “coach” their daughter. Demers, who said he had a knack for seeing entrepreneurial potential in people’s eyes, said when seeing a photo that the teenager had one.

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“I felt that my daughter was going to be privileged”, said the witness adding that she believed her daughter “in good hands”. It was the complainant who called Roger Demers after her mother’s advice.

The meetings took place between September 2017 and February 2018, a period during which the mother spoke regularly with Demers.

The latter also allegedly bought a dress from the complainant, who was then accompanied by her mother.

The mother, however, did not learn of any sexual acts between her daughter and Roger Demers before the police investigation which ultimately led to charges in 2018. The complainant testified on Monday that Demers had placed her hand on her crotch in particular and under her clothes, touching her breasts.

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