Canon 5D Mark II vs. Mark III vs. Nikon D800 – Candlelight Revisited 5D Mark II vs. 5D Mark III vs. D800 Candlelight / Ambient Light Revisited Compared to Similar Exposure Reduction and Color Correction ISO 500-25600 This test is slightly different from the previous candlelight test because I have now compared the D800 Mark II and Mark III to similar exposure levels. Because the D800 is brighter, it’s a little fairer to compare it to the higher ISOs of Canon cameras. Later, I added noise reduction and color correction to all three cameras in the video, using the Neat Video demo and the maximum possible settings for each camera. The only light in the room besides the candle was the light from the street lights outside. The F-stop was kept constant at all times. Canon frames were converted to ProRes HQ using 5DtoRGB, Mark II was set to 601 color matrices, and Mark III was set to 709. Nikon 85mm f / 1.4 lens (only one lens was used instead of three – same for each camera) Settings: Default / Neutral Color Profiles Canon ALL-I and Nikon KiPro ProRes 4: 2: 2 HQ Noise Canceling Off WB: 3200K Shutter 50 F -stop stayed the same all the time – F / 1.4 model: Sasha Beers Music: “John Stockton Slow Drag” by Chris Zabriskie (


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