Canet dominates Colomiers and takes 2nd place in National 2

And five. Canet won this Saturday his 5th success in 5 home matches. And point to 2nd place in the standings.

And suddenly, the light comes out. While the Canétois stumbled so far on a good defense of Colomiers, Max Ferry decided to send a long ball in front, on the Thibault Rambaud control tower. The center forward slipped a marvel of ball in the depth for Ambrose Gnahoré, taking all the defense in reverse, and offering a face to face with the goalkeeper columérin to a teammate. And, carried by a whole stadium, the Catalans striker adjusted Bastian with a killer dribble, and only had to push the leather to the back of the net (1-0, 83). Phenomenal. A few minutes later, the residents of Saint-Michel annihilated any opposing attempt, boosted by this late opening of the score. And in a total jubilation which traversed the bays of the Roussillon setting, the man in black whistled the three blows. It was over. The CRFC signed there a fifth victory on its grounds, in as many reception. After a new high-flying performance by Farid Fouzari’s men.

An iron defense

And from the start of the game, Chris Lybohy and his companions imposed a crazy rhythm on the Columérins, pressing, even oppressive, as they know how to do so well. But for the moment could not make their way to the goal of the visitors. Lucas Segura tried somehow to unlock the counters (26, 28), but saw his first shot saved on the line, and the second, diverted at nothing by the goalkeeper. At the end of the first period, Pascal Vie pushed back the danger with a high-class intervention (37). But apart from this alert, nothing to declare for the “red and blue”. After citrus, the Haut-Garonnais were a little more incisive, and tried to shake the nets of Max Ferry (57, 68, 72) … without being able to bypass an iron Catalan defense. In the process, rookie Kleyveens Hérelle showed off his speed and his technical qualities. Before, therefore, that Gnahoré does not allow Canet to steal the loot. After a success in the Coupe de France last year against Colomiers, the Canétois are back. And as happiness never comes alone, they settle alone in second position, just a breath away from the Angoumois leader. Idyllic.


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