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Callback to Lidl: Danger at the breakfast table! Toxin can even lead to unconsciousness and vomiting

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The discounter Lidl currently has to recall a snack in several flavors. The reason are harmful substances that may be contained.

  • The discounter Lidl recalls a snack that’s especially popular at the breakfast table.
  • Because of a possible pollution of the product exists Health risk for customers.
  • Lidl appeals not to consume the product.

Neckarsulm – Lidl reacts to you Recall a Dutch one Manufacturerwho also supplies the discounter. Since one in several varieties Breakfast snacks harmful substances Lidl warns on the homepage in one recall his Customers before consuming the product.

Snack recall at Lidl: Danger at the breakfast table – biocidal substances can be contained in products

The Dutch manufacturer Banketbakkerij Merba BV call the product according to the discounter „Sondey Granola Bites, 90g“ back in several sorts, as well hna.de *, wa.de * and ruhr24.de * to report. With those contained in the products Sesame together can not be ruled out that this with Ethylene oxide are burdened. “Ethylene oxide is not permitted in the EU Biocidal active ingredient and is classified as harmful, ”warns Lidl. As the discounter explains, in this case only the named product is with the respective Sortings (see table) affected. Other articles from the Dutch manufacturer are not affected. A pollution of the product is one of the most common causes of a food recall.

The following grades “Sondey Granola Bites, 90g” from the manufacturer Banketbakkerij Merba BV are affected:

Snack recall at Lidl: Danger at the breakfast table – headache and unconsciousness threaten

The product was sold over Lidl Germany in the federal states Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. “For the sake of consistent Consumer protection Lidl Germany reacted immediately and withdrew the affected product from the sale, ”explains the discounter lidl.de. Customers who „Sondey Granola Bites, 90g“ you can return it in all Lidl branches. The Purchase price would be reimbursed according to Lidl – even without presentation of a receipt. “The manufacturer Banketbakkerij Merba BV apologizes to all those concerned for the result inconveniences“, So the discounter.

Ethylene oxide takes man, according to that Institute for occupational safety, through the respiratory tract and skin. Possible phenomena can “a headache, Dizziness, persistent periodic Vomit, strong excitement and unconsciousness” his. Additionally can Difficulty breathing occur as well as cardiac arrhythmias and an increased excretion of bile pigments.

Several popular brands of nibble snacks have also been recalled. Contaminated sesame seeds could also be contained here. (lif) * hna.de, wa.de and ruhr24.de are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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