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Call the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Naver and Kakao, “Strictly be strict about abuse in the workplace”

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The government gathered managers of IT companies such as major platforms and games such as Naver, Kakao, and Nexon Korea to improve the workplace culture and nurture young people. It seems to have been urged to improve the culture of Gapjil within the company amid the recent atmosphere of tightening regulations by the party government on platform and IT companies.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced on the 15th that it held a meeting of CEOs of major IT companies. The meeting was attended by CEOs of major IT companies such as Naver, Kakao, Nexon Korea, Netmarble, Smilegate Holdings, and NCsoft to discuss ‘nurturing young manpower and expanding job opportunities’ and ‘creating a workplace culture where labor and management respect each other’. Presentations on the topic followed.

In particular, Minister of Employment and Labor Ahn Gyeong-deok mentioned the ‘gap-jil incident’ in the workplace that has recently occurred at some companies, and asked for the will and effort of the management to improve the workplace culture.

In July, the Ministry of Employment and Labor announced the results of a special labor inspection conducted on Naver, where a worker died due to workplace harassment in May. Regarding the incident in which a Naver employee who died at the time made an extreme choice, the Ministry of Employment and Labor concluded that it was caused by workplace bullying, such as abusive language by his direct supervisor.

Earlier this year, an article presumed to be a will of an employee belonging to Kakao was posted on ‘Blind’, an office worker community, causing controversy over Kakao’s personnel evaluation. Detected the problem and issued a corrective order.

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In such an atmosphere, as discussions on the regulation of platform IT companies, such as the Fair Trade Commission, started in earnest, the government is interpreted to have received a promise to improve workplace culture by calling platform and IT companies.

Minister Ahn explained, “Recently, the public’s interest and level of interest in workplace culture has increased more than ever before.” Minister Ahn urged the management, centering on the management, to actively cooperate with both labor and management to create a more rational and horizontal organizational culture desired by employees and to meet the public’s expectations.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, under the theme of IT companies working with young people, plans to expand youth employment support programs based on public-private collaboration were also discussed.

Nexon Korea CEO Lee Jung-heon said, “We are focusing on expanding youth jobs,” and explained the plan to hire more than 1,000 new employees (including experienced workers) by 2022. Next, CEO Lee introduced the operation of prevention programs to foster mutual respect and a horizontal workplace culture.

After introducing businesses such as server development camp for nurturing excellent game developers and university student membership as a way to nurture young manpower, CEO Sung Joon-ho of Smilegate Holdings explained, “We are operating a communication window to create a workplace where young people want to work.” did.

As the youth unemployment crisis has not improved, the government has ordered these companies to provide more opportunities to young people in the future job market.

Minister Ahn said at the meeting that day, “Major IT companies have played a lot of roles in strengthening national competitiveness and helping young people who are having difficulties finding employment.” Please open the door of opportunity wider.”

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