Call Fairuz A Rafiq Emotional and Arrogant, Psychologist Lita Gading Sprayed Sonny Septian Septian write an open letter to a psychologist Lita Ivory.

He did not accept finding Lita Gading calling Fairuz A Rafiq emotional and arrogant when he was given advice.

Sonny Septian then exposed Fairuz A Rafiq’s true attitude, how different from Lita Gading’s statement?

Yes, artist Sonny Septian sent an open letter to psychologist Lita Gading.

Apparently Sonny Septian did not accept that his wife was accused by Dr Lita Gading of being arrogant and emotional.

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Fairuz A Rafiq was recently annoyed by the video of psychologist Lita Gading.

That’s what makes Sonny Septian pair the defending body Fairuz A Rafiq.

Initially, psychologist Lita Gading gave her response about the issue of King Faaz and Arsy’s matchmaking by their respective parents.

Even Fairuz A Rafiq, the ex-wife of Galih Ginanjar, did not accept the accusation from psychologist Lita Gading.

Yes, the video of psychologist Lita Gading made Fairuz A Rafiq annoyed because he mentioned King Faaz.


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