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By2’s younger sister Yumi was involved in the marriage change between Leehom Wang and Li Jinglei. First, it was revealed that she was taking medicine and sent to the doctor, and then she said that Li Jinglei did not contact the police at all. When she appeared at the airport, she looked quite haggard. They conveyed their concern through the intermediary. Unexpectedly, the two sisters “couldn’t read it back” and completely cut off contact. This move hurt the fans’ hearts, and even said, “I don’t want to ask them any more in the future.”

When it broke out that Yumi was involved in the marriage of Wang Leehom and Li Jinglei, By2 friends and fans in Taiwan were quite worried about Yumi’s state, and they wanted to express their concern through messages and phone calls. After failing to report safety, fans couldn’t help but choke: “Every good thing has to be supported, and once something happens, don’t tell safety.”

Some fans complained even more. They grew up with By2. Everyone was an adult, but watching By2 act like an adult. They were not thoughtful and immature. Even if they cared, By2 did not respond, which made them talk Mark is no longer supported. Today, By2 not only has to face the influence of Wang Leehom’s bad news, but also encounters the dilemma of not being very supportive of fans.

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