Bundestag candidates in the goodnews4 VIDEO interview | Joachim Kuhs

Baden-Baden, September 20th, 2017 A few days before the general election, the outcome of the most important democratic election in Germany is completely open. Only one thing seems certain: another term in office for Chancellor Angela Merkel. In the latest figures from EMNID, the CDU is ahead with 36.0 percent, ahead of the SPD with 22.0 percent, followed by AfD with 11.0 percent, Die Linke with 10.0 percent, FDP with 9.0 percent, Die Greens with 8.0 percent and others 4.0 percent. Shortly before the Bundestag elections, all candidates from the relevant parties present themselves in goodnews4 VIDEO interviews. Gabriele Katzmarek, SPD; Manuel Hummel, The Greens; Norbert Mason, The Left; Joachim Kuhs, AfD; Rolf Pilarski, FDP. Kai Whittaker, CDU, did not reply to the goodnews4 interview request. More: http://www.goodnews4.de/nachrichten/daily-news/item/bundestagswahlkaempfer-wollen-noch-onel-points


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