BTS (BTS) “FAKE LOVE” MV has exceeded 1 billion views … 5th record in total –Kstyle


BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” music video has been played 1 billion times.

BTS’s 3rd album “LOVE YOURSELF 轉” Tear “” released in May 2018, the music video of the title song “FAKE LOVE” has been played on YouTube more than 1 billion times at around 8:39 am on the 8th. bottom.

With this, “FAKE LOVE” follows “DNA” and “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)” which recorded 1.3 billion playbacks, “Dynamite” which has 1.2 billion playbacks, and “MIC Drop” remix which has 1 billion playbacks. , Achieved 1 billion playbacks of the 5th work in total in the BTS music video.

“FAKE LOVE” ranked 10th on Billboard’s main single ranking “HOT 100” and remained in the ranking for 6 consecutive weeks, and “LOVE YOURSELF 轉” Tear “” is Bill’s first album released by a Korean singer. He won first place in the board’s main album ranking “Billboard 200” and continued to rank in for 15 consecutive weeks, attracting a lot of attention worldwide.

The music video of “FAKE LOVE”, which expresses the sensibilities of a dark farewell that I met after noticing false love, is sensuous and sophisticated to the intense performance of the seven members, which unfolds while going back and forth between the gorgeous sets. The added visual beauty is eye-catching.

Currently, there are a total of 34 BTS music videos played in millions. .. 1.3 billion plays “DNA” “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)”, 1.2 billion plays “Dynamite”, 1 billion plays “MIC Drop” remix, “FAKE LOVE”, 900 million plays “IDOL”, 7 “Blood, sweat, tears” “FIRE” with 100 million plays, “Dope” “Save ME” with 600 million plays, “Butter” “Not Today” with 500 million plays, “Spring Day” “ON” with 400 million plays Kinetic Manifesto Film, “Boy In Luv” “Life Goes On” “Black Swan” which exceeded 300 million plays, “War of Hormone” “I NEED U” “ON” “No More Dream” “Permission” of 200 million plays “to Dance”, “Danger” “Just One Day” “We are bulletproof PT.2” “RUN” “Serendipity” “Singularity” “IDOL (Feat. Nicki Minaj)” “Dynamite” B-side , “Dynamite” (Choreography ver.), “I NEED U” (Original ver.), “Ego”, “Interlude: Shadow”, etc.


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