BTP: The Burgundy company Curot Construction enters the bosom of Spie Batignolles

Established in Longvic, Curot Construction recently built the Apidis plant. The buyout of the company was signed on Monday, December 6.

On December 6, 2021, Spie batignolles signs the takeover of the company Curot Construction, based in Longvic (Côte d’Or).

This new external growth operation, led by the Spie batignolles construction regions entity, is part of a project to strengthen the group’s geographic network in France in order to develop several of its activities.

“We are delighted to integrate into our group the company Curot Construction, which enjoys a strong notoriety in its scope of intervention. Its know-how will allow us to strengthen our Projects offer in the Burgundy – Franche-Comté region but also our interventions in Présance® proximity works by relying on the responsiveness and professionalism of the Curot Construction teams ”, explains François Jullemier, Managing Director of Spie batignolles construction regions.

Increase the presence of Spie batignolles in the regions

With the integration of Curot Construction, perfectly established in Burgundy and Franche-Comté, Spie batignolles construction regions completes its range of maintenance work, as a general contractor in these regions.

“To respond to large-scale projects, we wanted to join forces with a solid partner. The merger with a large construction group was a relevant strategic choice to ensure the sustainability and continue the expansion of our company. The takeover offer from Spie batignolles construction has provided us with all the expected guarantees regarding the growth prospects of our company thanks to synergies with several of its businesses ”, rejoices Yves Fermont, CEO of Curot Construction, who retains his role of manager to support the development of the company.

Curot Construction

Curot Construction, founded in 1987 by Marc Curot, is a family company that has, over the decades, been able to increase the scope of its activities and its geographic scope of intervention thanks to a strong and quality image.

Since 2008, when the family company opened its capital to company executives and was taken over by Yves Fermont – current Managing Director – Curot Construction aspires to new developments through the diversification of its activities.

Initially specializing in structural work and civil engineering, one of the most recognized players in the construction industry in the Burgundy region, the company developed in 2014 a new entity: Curot Construction Facility Services, specializing in local maintenance work. industrial heritage and communities, structural work and all trades.

Curot Construction offers its expertise to a wide range of clients: public and private – commercial equipment – offices – logistics platforms – agro-food manufacturers – hospital sector, etc., in Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Haute- Marne and as far as Ile-de-France or in the Lyon region.

In 2020, Curot Construction achieved a turnover of 18 million Euros. The company has 60 employees.

Among its most emblematic sites are:
– The offices of the Regional Directorate of RFF in Dijon.
– The Marbotte tower and 10,000m² of offices in Limonest for SOPRA with the Lazard group, the Architecture Studio firm.
– The largest mill in Europe (Moulins Dumée).
– Participation in the civil engineering of the CEA’s Epure building in Valduc (45,000m3 of concrete).
– The Carrousel swimming pool in Dijon.
– The APIDIS factory in Dijon.

About Spie batignolles
Spie batignolles is a major player in the building, infrastructure and service trades. It operates in 6 main areas of expertise: construction, civil engineering / foundations, energy, public works, real estate and landscaping and environmental development. Spie batignolles notably has as references emblematic projects such as the renovation of the Maison de la Radio, the EDF Saclay research center, ITER, the Le Havre convention center, the A75, A61, A62, A9, A480, aeronautical roadways (Abidjan in Ivory Coast, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Perpignan), the MGEN Institute of Le Verrière, the TGI of Strasbourg, the Lyon-Turin rail link or the work undertaken within the framework of the Palace. The Group also carries out local interventions, in upkeep and maintenance throughout the country via a network of dedicated agencies.

Spie batignolles is positioned on its markets as a leader in “customer relations” and is developing a policy of differentiating partnership offers. Spie batignolles achieved a turnover of 1.9 billion euros in 2020. The Group employs 7,700 people and has 193 sites in France and 8 abroad, particularly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Spie batignolles has given itself the means to lead its development independently. Since September 2003, the Group has been majority controlled by its managers and employees.

From left to right: Kevin Flochlay (law firm COHEN AMIR-ASLANI – Conseil Spie batignolles), Patrick Zulian (Managing Director Spie batignolles construction), Stéphane Devernay (Financial Director Spie batignolles), Yves Fermont (Managing Director Curot Construction), Arnaud Guyenon (Deputy Managing Director Spie batignolles sud-est), François Jullemier (Managing Director Spie batignolles construction regions), Jean-Noël Parot (Conseil Curot – Exco Socodec), Céline Parot (lawyer – consultant Curot), and Gérard Cohen (firm lawyers COHEN AMIR-ASLANI – Spie Batignolles Council).


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