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Brothers Coens: Greens

by drbyos

Kubrick? Red. Scorsese? Red. Refn? Red. Coens … green? You may not have noticed, but the Coen brothers use green a lot. This pattern is likely to go unnoticed because, unlike a color inside the face, such as red, green is much more modest and does not disturb our eyes. Green is a natural and part of everyday life, but the Coens also use this color outside of nature. In fact, they seem to use color in key moments in their films. Take a look at the motel doors to NO OLD MEN during the final introduction or in the dining room INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Not only do the green tones emphasize important moments, but the Coens often use this color for important objects: the NO COUNTRY FOR THE VEN MEN tracking device, the CD bag burned after reading, the portable radio in A SERIOUS MAN, and the pound. POLAND THE BIG LEBOWSKI, to name a few. Except for the MAN WHO WAS NOT (all black and white), BROTHER, WHERE ARE YOU? (green changed digitally to yellow) and TRUE GRIT (rough, dry color scheme) Coen has used green significantly in all its properties. In this video, I desaturated all non-green tones to better show how green is used. Music: “Green, Green Rocky Road” by Oscar Isaac Movies used: Blood Simple (1984) Raising Arizona (1987) Miller’s Crossing (1990) Barton Fink (1991) The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) Fargo (1996) The Big Lebowski (1998) ) Unbearable Cruelty (2003) The Ladykillers (2004) No Country for Old Men (2007) Burn After Reading (2008) A Serious Man (2009) Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) Hail, Caesar! (2016) Copyright Waiver Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allows for fair use for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news coverage, teaching, scholarships, and research. Fair use is use permitted by copyright law that may otherwise infringe. Non-profit, educational or personal goals help to balance in favor of fair use.

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