Britney Spears posted nude video – the detail has created panic among followers

Britney Spears, 40, has been in the news for the past few years thanks to the viral #FreeBritney campaign. It was about 14 years ago as Britney’s father Jamie Spears became her guardian after she was committed to a mental institution and suffered a series of breakdowns.

Britney Spears. Image source: britneyspears/Instagram

The guardianship was revoked in 2021 but before that had meant that Britney was medicated against her will, was not allowed to have children of her own accord and had other strict restrictions in her everyday life,

#FreeBritney was started by fans around the world who believed that Britney should be given the right to her own life with her own choices.

But in her comment section, many fans have now become critical of how she actually feels. This is because of her posts on social media.

Britney Spears fans: “Lock back in…”

Britney has a habit of publishing some… special videos in her Instagram feed.

In her videos, she is often seen with slimy extensions and kajal under her eyes dancing to different songs or, like this time, rolling around in the sand on a beach.

One of Britney’s videos where she cries. Image source: britneyspears/Instagram

In one of her dance videos, she breaks down in tears, which made her followers react strongly.

“Lock her up again and throw the key this time”

“Constant Worried”

“How’s Britney”

But now it’s another video that has created panic among fans, and it’s a video where Britney shows off her haircut. She does this by covering herself in the sand with her hands over her breasts.

You can clearly see that she is very tanned on different parts of her body.

“We beg you!” the followers plead. Image source: britneyspears/Instagram

“Dance around as much as you want but use sun protection factor”

“Can someone please give her a bottle of SPF?”

“Britney please. If you’re reading this, lube up.

“Please Lubricate Yourself”

Spears has not responded to any of the comments.


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