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Brekalo’s first goal in Serie A on Singo’s assist. Djidji another disaster with a new penalty provoked and expulsion. Little incisive Linetty and Sanabria

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Milinkovic-Savic: 6,5 Too bad he failed to prevent Aramu’s penalty from entering the goal. In the end, with a good intervention, he saved the point. On personal action Okereke tried to put him in with a shot at the far post, but he sent the ball over the upright (13 ‘). Crnigoj, served by Johnsen, was quicker than Djidji and crossed for Okereke, who with a header touched the post creating a danger for his goal (17 ‘). On Mazzocchi’s cue, Johnsen pierced him, but luckily for him he was offside (25 ‘). Johnsen was unable to deflect the ball placed in the center by Okereke (50 ‘) into his goal with due force. On Mazzocchi’s fanning, Johnsen didn’t control and he just had to grab the ball (69 ‘). He only had to welcome Aramu’s cross-shot (70 ‘) in his arms. Aramu did not create problems for him because he kicked the free-kick very high (73 ‘). He got to touch the ball kicked from eleven meters by Aramu, but was unable to prevent it from entering the goal and the former grenade scoring his first goal in Serie A without celebrating it (78 ‘). Okereke’s attempted diving conclusion did not create any danger because the Nigerian striker did not reach it (85 ‘). He saved the point with a reactive intervention on Kiyine’s free-kick (90 ‘+ 6’).

Djidji: 4 Four points thrown away in two consecutive games because of him are far too many. He must be more lucid and careful not to provoke penalties. The opponents a little too many times have put him in difficulty by surprising him from behind and bypassing him. Good closing on Okereke (5 ‘). He anticipated Okereke served deep by Schnegg (7 ‘). He was careful to block the descent on Schnegg’s wing (9 ‘). Marzocchi headed away the cross (12 ‘). Crnigoj was lost and so he crossed for Okereke (17 ‘). Okereke with a deep movement took him away (50 ‘). On Aramu Johnsen’s filter in the area he evaded Bremer with a heel strike and served Okereke who overtook him in speed and he landed him with a foul from behind causing the penalty for Venice and getting the second yellow in two minutes which also led to his expulsion (76 ‘).

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Bremer: 6 Attentive and punctual as always. He got rid of Johnsen’s pressure by sending the ball to the bottom (18 ‘). Punctual in intervening on Johnsen’s veil on Schnegg’s cross (54 ‘). Johnsen with a heel strike in the area freed himself of his control in the action which then led to the penalty for the lagoons (74 ‘).

Rodriguez: 5,5 He too like Djidji, especially in the first half, he let himself be climbed over his shoulder. Okereke passed him before making the shot (13 ‘). On a free kick taken by Kiyine, he dampened Johnsen’s side by sending the ball into a corner (45 ‘+ 1’). Good his diagonal to intercept Schnegg’s launch for Okereke (52 ‘).

Singo: 6,5 Assist-man and substantive performance. After being concentrated, he saw the left-handed shot blocking (11 ‘). On Ansaldi’s cross, Schnegg anticipated, but Maenpaa avoided the corner (19 ‘). Maenpaa grabbed his cross (24 ‘). Served by Pobega, he crossed in the middle, but no teammate got there (29 ‘). He concentrated, but his left was blocked by Svoboda (47 ‘). In speed he overtook Schnegg and forcefully went away to then assist Brekalo who scored (56 ‘). (From ’71 Duke: 6 Outnumbered, he thought more about the defensive phase than pushing).

Escape: 6.5 He did an important job of interdiction and when he recovered the ball he immediately restarted the team. He served Singo well (29 ‘). (From ’71 Mandragora: 6 He fell into the part which is a pity, however, that at the last he did not succeed in the winning paw. On Mazzocchi’s cross he jumped higher than Aramu (81 ‘). He resisted Ceccaroni’s contrast by going away and taking advantage of the open space, then Maenpaa closed the mirror on the door hypnotizing him (90 ‘+ 6’).

Lukic: 5,5 Not very brilliant in the first half, more effective in the second half when he orchestrated the grenade maneuver more. On Vacca’s throw he was late on Johnsen, but the opponent was unable to control (11 ‘). Excellent closing on Henry, served by Okereke (88 ‘).

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Ansaldi: 6 Crnigoj suffered a bit, but he also pushed on his range of expertise. His cross on which Singo arrived (19 ‘) is interesting. Mazzocchi had to give him the corner kick (41 ‘). His deep throw for Sanabria (67 ‘). He prevented Johnsen from reaching the box (86 ‘).

Linetty: 5 He tried to interact with Brekalo without great results, moving further under Sanabria without supporting him adequately. His cross was blocked by Schnegg (15 ‘). From about twenty meters he tried the shot with the left, but the ball ended up in the arms of Maenpaa (39 ‘). (From ’57 Baselli: 6 At the seasonal debut he gave birth to some restarts).

Brekalo: 6,5 His paw that broke the deadlock and earned him his first goal in Serie A. A little more mobile between the lines than Linetty in the first half, but his contribution was also not sufficiently effective. Definitely better in the second half. The opening for Linetty (15 ‘) is interesting. He tried to verticalize for Linetty, but Ceccaroni intercepted the ball (21 ‘). Crnigoj cleared the area on his free kick (27 ‘). On an assist from Singo, in tow with the plate he scored the goal that broke the deadlock (56 ‘). (From ’79 Winter: n.g.).

Sanabria: 5.5 He received few balls, but he was also not very effective in front of goal. A rebound favored him, but his shot from the edge with the right ended up high (22 ‘). On Ansaldi’s cross, he headed a little too weakly to create a real danger to Maenpaa (31 ‘). On Ansaldi’s deep throw, Maenpaa finished ahead of him (67 ‘).

Ivan Juric: 6 Who knows how it gnaws at him that for the second consecutive time in the final Djidji provoked a penalty and two more points have vanished, even if at the end of the match he said that he did not lose faith in his defender. Having to compensate for the injuries of Belotti, Izzo, Pjaca, Praet, Zaza and Edera and the unavailability of Aina for family reasons and also taking into account that there will be the derby on Saturday and that on Thursday the team had played with Lazio, they had to rearrange a bit ‘ training. Not in defense as he confirmed Djidji, Bremer and Rodriguez, but in midfield he opted for Pobega and Lukic, while Mandragora remained on the bench, with Singo on the right and Ansaldi on the left. On the trocar Linetty and Brekalo in support of Punta Sanabria. Perhaps his team did not expect that Venezia, well disposed on the pitch and good at staying compact and defending themselves, would put them in difficulty by preventing them from pressing high because they waited without going to press them and making density in the middle of the field and then once recovered. the ball try to restart by attacking the spaces and going to take Rodriguez and Djidji from behind. Ball possession was therefore quite sterile. In the break he must have said something to his players who were more concrete in the second half.

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VENEZIA: Maenpaa: 6; Mazzocchi: 5.5; Freedom: 6; Ceccaroni: 6,5; Schnegg: 5.5 (from ’65 Ebueh: 6); Crnigoj: 6 (from ’65 Aramui: 7); Cow: 6 (from ’38 Ampadu: 6); Busio: 6 (dall’ 86’ Fiordilino: n.g.); Kiyine: 6; Okereke: 6.5; Johnsen: 6 (dall’ 86’ Henry: n.g.).
Paolo Zanetti: 7.

Referee Lorenzo Maggioni: 6 The decisions were right on the key occasions and in general he was able to manage the bit of on-the-field service of the two teams in the second half. He canceled Johnsen’s goal after his assistant signaled the offside (25 ‘). He cautioned Pobega for a late entry on Ceccaroni (43 ‘). He considered Schnegg’s fall, on the occasion of Mazzocchi’s cross, not attributable to a foul by the grenade (57 ‘). He showed the yellow to Milinkovic-Savic and Ampadu for an altercation between the two (59 ‘), to Djidji for a tactical foul on Orekeke (74’) and then for having landed clearly in the area Johnsen expelling him for a double yellow card (76 ‘ ).

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