Breitling pays tribute to classic sports cars of the 1960s

The world of motorsport and haute horlogerie, two industries that drink from innovation, technology and the search for quality to give life to examples defined by excellence. In a bid to combine cutting-edge craftsmanship and production processes, These two worlds connect their points in common and sometimes create pieces destined to occupy a prominent place in the collective imagination..

During the 1960s, Breitling satisfied the watchmaking desires of those young people who were beginning to work and become financially independent thanks to its models. Top Time originals, a modern take on elegance that defined a generation that no longer wanted to resemble their parents and that he longed to provide, through his aesthetics and the choice of his accessories, a renewed image to the world. Free spirits, such as those offered by cars that, with the passage of time, end up marking an era in automobile culture. This is the case of the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang and the Shelby Cobra, which recently became the source of inspiration for Breitling to design the capsule collection. Top Time Classic Cars, made up of three sporty chronographs, with a dynamic appearance and inspired by the world of motoring.

The classics never die

Marketed between 1963 and 1967, the Chevrolet Corvette The second generation was inspired by a 1959 prototype, designed for racing, with an attractive low-profile body, and that now gives life to the birth of Chevrolet Corvette Top Time, one of the watches in this exclusive collection made in red and black colors.

The model Chevrolet Corvette Top Time.

A popular icon in the mid-1960s with rock stars and Hollywood-roaming actors, the Ford Mustang began to be sold with some family cars and some for race-focused sportsmen. This specimen was present in some of the highest grossing films of the time, such as Diamonds for eternity – directed by Guy Hamilton in 1971 – where Sean Connery plays James Bond in his fight to save the world’s diamond reserve. This motor legend is still in production, and just as it did then, it defines the contemporary spirit of a new generation of drivers. Compact, affordable and sporty lines, Breitling has revived it in a green and brown watch under the name of Top Time Ford Mustang.

Top Time Ford Mustang, from Breitling.

In 1962 the Shelby Cobra was introduced to the US market, created by Le Mans champion Caroll Shelby, who knew how to materialize an idea of ​​a sports car that combined a small and light chassis with a robust and powerful engine. Immediate success among speed lovers, it was the perfect marriage between British design and applied engineering in American racing. Made in brown and blue, the colors of the Top Time Shelby Cobra They evoke the sporty aesthetic popularized by the legendary driver and car manufacturer.

The steel case back of all three models is engraved with the logo of each car, with a look that pays great attention to detail and they are water resistant up to 100 meters. Inside the 42mm boxes of the versions Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang there is the Breitling caliber 25, with a self-winding chronograph movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The Top Time Shelby Cobra, 40 mm, features the Breitling caliber 41, with a self-winding chronograph movement and a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The straps are made of bovine leather.

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