Breidablik – Real Madrid, live

45 + 1 ‘End of the first halfMadrid prevails at halftime with a double from Asllani

45 ‘A minute will be addedWe will get to 46

43 & # 39; Distant shot of Corredera without dangerCaught without problems Ivarsdottir

41 & # 39; Madrid puts land in the middleThe Icelandic team has not yet been able to reach the opposite area

39 ‘GOOOL DE ASLLANI (0-2)Madrid double of the 9, which perfectly deceived Ivarsdottir

38 & # 39; Penalty for Madrid!Asllani fell down in the area

36 & # 39; Good arrival from KentiHe entered the right wing and ended up finishing off the side of the net

34 & # 39; Ivarsdottir to a corner!A Madrid player combed in the area and the boat was about to surprise the goalkeeper, who had to stretch to avoid the goal

33 & # 39; Fault in favor of MadridZornoza prepares to launch

30 & # 39; Athenea’s deflected shotHe received everything in favor in the small area but his shot went far from the post

27 ‘Center from the right of CorrederaThe Icelandic goalkeeper almost missed her, who cleared her fists

24 ‘Zornoza too highAgain the midfielder arriving from the second row, but the shot went over the crossbar

22 & # 39; It is costing Madrid to reach the opposite fieldThe course is practically impractical

19 & # 39; Zornoza’s foul on ZiemerKnocked down the American midfielder in midfield

17 & # 39; Madrid asks for a handZornoza threw a corner from the right and in the clearance they demanded some hands in the area

13 & # 39; Good distant shot from Teresa that Ivarsdottir rejectsThe ball goes out the back line and will be a corner kick for Madrid

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10 ‘GOOOL DE ASLLANI (0-1)Great definition to the squad of the Swedish forward in the small area to open the scoring

6 & # 39; Mass to clear!Long ball from the band but the goalkeeper was attentive to send it to throw-in

4 ‘Moller Hansen’s Past CenterNo one came to the auction at the penalty spot and the ball was lost over the baseline

2 & # 39; Madrid about to scoreZornoza’s far shot, and in the rebound there was a white player offside

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STARTS THE MATCHRoll the ball at the Kópavogsvöllur stadium

SCANDAL HIT OF PSGThe Parisians have swept the Khartkiv field (0-6) with a double from Bachmann, and goals from Hiitema, Baltimore, Fazer and Ilestedt. Nineteen goals for and zero against for Didier Ollé-Nicolle’s girls

THE RETURN OF ALBERTO TORILThe coach was in the white house directing the Juvenil and Castilla, with whom he achieved promotion to the Second Division in 2012. After a brief experience in Elche, he headed to Chinese football with Guangzhou Evergrande, where he acted as second Fabio Cannavaro’s coach. Eight years later, the Cordoba returns to Real Madrid

THE MADRID, WITH EVERYTHING IN FAVORWhite thrashed the Icelandic team on the second day (5-0) and need a point to be virtually in the round of 16. PSG is the clear dominator of the group with 15 points and full of victories, while Madrid is second with 6 points. Kharkiv, with 4 points and Breidablik, with 1 point, close the classification.

Breidablik: Ivarsdottir; Arnadóttir, Arnadottir, Lillyardottir, Magnusdottir; Tomasdottir, Antonsdottir, Ziemer; Halldórsdóttir, Soree, Albertsdóttir

Real Madrid: Mass; Kenti, Rocío, Peter, Corredera; Teresa, Zornoza, Athenea, Moller Hansen; Asllani, Esther

BREIDABLIK-REAL MADRIDGood evening and welcome to the UEFA Women’s Champions League! Real Madrid will face Icelandic Breidablik at 9:00 p.m. on the penultimate day, with the aim of certifying their pass to the quarterfinals. Those of Alberto Toril come from winning at Villarreal (0-2) in the coach’s debut on the Madrid bench.


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